Left to Right: Cori, Sarah, Mary Beth & Tricia


The Jones Family

Photo: During the late 1990's
Left to Right: Tricia, Cori, Daniel, Mary Beth, Sarah
Center: Patrick and Julie

In 1983, the Lord directed the ladies in our family (there are five of us) to wear the head veiling in obedience to an ordinance in 1 Corinthian 11.  We spent many years searching for an appropriate style veiling.  We have worn scarves in the shape of a triangle like the European Kerchief, but found that they were not comfortable for consistent daily wear.  We wanted a head veiling style that was attractive as well as comfortable and brought glory to the Lord rather than queries about denominations.  After getting many hints and ideas from friends and family members, our daughters designed a veiling that was practical, comfortable, and attractive. Thus satisfied, we settled down to live our quiet lives. until the summer of 1994.

While attending a home education conference, our family was approached about our convictions concerning 1 Corinthians 11.  Most ladies were wanting a source for ready-made coverings and patterns, particularly our style one covering which we were wearing.  So the ministry was launched under the name, “She maketh herself coverings . . .”  taken from a phrase in Proverbs 31:22a, since the word, “coverings” is the Hebrew word “marbedym” meaning coverlets, shawls, or kerchiefs for women.  Since then, we have developed other veiling styles and accessories that are useful.  Our humble brochure blossomed into a catalog with more than twenty pages of ready-made coverings, patterns, hair accessories and lists of resources and literature.

SMHC is a home based ministry and cottage industry run by the four daughters of our family (ages ranging from 25 to 36).  Sarah is our skilled seamstress who tailor makes each head covering and skirt specifically for your order as well as coordinates all fabric, lace and notion purchases.  Tricia is our  webmaster, secretary, and  sales and shipping manager.  Mary Beth is our artist, proofreader-editor, and co-designer of the covering styles.  Cori is the primary designer of our coverings, and creates the  layout and design of our catalog and website.  Our purpose is to make Jesus Christ known in all that we do and to provide support and inspiration to all Christian women and their families.

When we were encouraged to begin  this ministry-business in the summer of 1994, we had no idea the blessing it would be to us as well as many dear sisters who were seeking the Lord’s leading.  What an encouragement it has been to watch God’s ladies strive to be the virtuous women that He wants us to be and to obey I Corinthians 11.  This ministry grows because sisters-in-the-Lord send us requests for veiling styles that they would like to wear.  If you find a particular pattern (not protected by copyright) or a picture of a veiling that you would like to see designed or altered, please send them to us.  Your discovery could be an answer to prayer for another sister’s needs.  We pray that you will be blessed and encouraged by the selections you make! 
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Cori, Mary Beth, Tricia & Sarah (the Jones sisters)

During the 1980's before SMHC


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