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As of June, 2001, Still Water Revival Books have been selling a booklet supporting a judicial decision by their church forbidding women from continuing to wear head coverings. Since this past summer, SWRB has been advocating implementing church discipline against women who wear head coverings in the worship service. Their church's website has also posted this book on the internet. Interestingly, this has occurred after years of selling reformed books, articles, tracts, and resources in support of the head covering of women in the church.  You may visit the SWRB site for yourself, or the Puritan Reformed Church of Edmonton site to validate that this is indeed the case.  

A few days after the booklet was released, the following response in support of headcoverings appeared on the internet:
Headcoverings and the Reformed Faith

Covenanter.org also contains articles & quotes by some of the reformers DEFENDING headcoverings


We have been informed that the book, Men, Women, & Order in the Church, is OUT-OF-PRINT; however, copies can occassionally be obtained via internet used book resources such as www. bibliofind.com (live link) or  RARE CHRISTIAN BOOKS 
Men, Women, and Order in the Church
by John Calvin.
(3 sermons on 1 Corinthians 11; 63 pages)
Available from: Gospel Mission, Inc., P.O. Box 318 Chateau, MT 59422. Phone
(406) 466-2311 / Fax (406) 466-2311.

Calvin begins by asserting God's authority in all matters of belief and practice. His expositions are rooted in the principles of headship stated by Paul in I Cor. 11: that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man, and the head of
Christ is God. Calvin urges believers to cling to Christ, who is our Head.
Although the Lord saves people irrespectively of gender or class, there
remain distinctions of rank and authority in the Church and society. The
Reformer also explains the apostle's remarks on head coverings.

How Thou Oughtest To Behave Thyself In The House Of God
Taken from "... fully after the LORD   I Kings 11:6"   by Steve Flinchum Chapter 15

  UPDATED 7/30/05 No Such Custom:An Exposition of 1 Cor 11:2-16
by Bruce Terry Second Edition  Bruce Terry's exegesis of I Corinthians 11:2-16 is the most thorough and the most objective study of the covering that has come to my attention. Every Christian, man and woman, should read it carefully. I have great respect for Bruce Terry as a Christian and as a scholar. This booklet should go around the world. Available from CHRISTIAN MESSENGER PUBLISHERS Montezuma Creek, Utah  84534-0220

Ten Lies The Church Tells Women
J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma magazine, is currently writing a book on
this subject, Ten Lies the Church Tells Women, to be released in October
2000 by Creation House.  Illustration: David L. Clemons for SpiritLed Woman

Love One Another by Watchman Nee.
Chapter 42, pages 75-99. Available at Christian bookstores.
Sample quotes: "God wants the women to cover her head in order to manifest His
government on earth. This privilege fall on to the woman. She does not cover
her head merely for her own self; she does it representatively. . . Head
covering in itself is a small matter, but constitutes a very great
testimony." Watchman Nee, a Chinese pastor-evangelist, has been a symbol in
the West of Christian faithfulness under totalitarian pressure since the late

The Woman's Headship Veiling by Stanley K. Brubaker.

Available from: Pilgrim Publishers, P.O.Box 280, Vandalia, MI 49095. Cost is $5.00 postpaid (discount quantity pricing available as well). Many godly Christian men and women are asking honest but perplexing questions about the
woman's headship veiling. In this booklet the author attempts to answer
specific questions. In his personal testimony about this almost-neglected
ordinance, he writes with clear vision and positive purpose. A very
sensitively written booklet encouraging women to wear a headship veil.

The Head Covering: What Saith the Scriptures by Timothy Nelson.
Available from: Gospel Mission, Inc., P.O. Box 318, Chateau, MT 59422. Phone
(406) 466-2311 / Fax (406) 466-2311. 32 pp.

Sample Quotes: 'Perhaps there may be, in the minds of some readers, the feeling that the subject of the woman's head covering is of little importance. Are we at liberty to reduce any matter on which God has spoken to such a level? If God has inspired his servant (Paul) to present a full discussion of this issue, and has preserved that
discussion for all succeeding generations, it is our solemn obligation to
attend, to listen and to obey. Failure to manifest such a response will
affirm that we have indeed imbibed the spirit of this age, being as those who
'have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the
Holy One of Israel'(Isa. 5:24). From such folly, may God preserve us.'

The Head of Every Man & A Woman's Veil by M. Davis.
Available from: Gospel Mission, Inc., P.O. Box 318, Chateau, MT 59422. Phone
(406) 466-2311 / Fax (406) 466-2311 or directly from the publisher at
Twilight Publications, 138 Church Lane, Bainbridge, NY 13733. Phone: 1-800-659-2043. 42 pages.
The practice of the head covering has been abandoned by almost all professing
Christians. What has become to many a cold, sterile, and academic structure
of doctrinal argument, should be the rich and blessed revelation of the Lord
Jesus Christ. May God grant the reader some sweet visions of the One true to
God in both the exercise of authority and submission. The author in his
meditation on I Cor. 11:1-16 holds to the biblical teaching on this important
issue in the church. Sample quotes: 'What must the Lord think! Does He
approve? Walking in this world we have become dull to its evil to the point
that we practice its perversions without any conscience of it. We must not
judge these things by how we 'feel' about them, but by what God has said.'

Let Her Be Veiled
Excellent resource now online! Pictures #1 of ancient Veils of Christian
and pictures #3 of ancient Veils of Christian from 4rd century

Also available from Charity Gospel Tape Ministry 59 South Groffdale Road,
Leola, PA 17540 (717) 656-4155/1-800-227-7902 Email cgtm@juno.com


UPDATED 7/30/05 The Journals of Jim Elliot
Edited by Elisabeth Elliot, author of Through Gates of Splendor.
This is a powerful book based on a powerful life; the complete and unabridged journals of a man who died in the service of his Lord, a man who will be remembered for his total commitment and extraordinary devotion. You'll be challenged and chastised as you observe how Jim Elliot yielded his desires . . . his plans . . . his life entirely to his Father's will. The Journals of Jim Elliot will endure through the years as a testimony to a courageous man of God, a classic in the missionary tradition, a tribute to a dynamic faith. Refer to "Waiting on God, 1950" August 3, Corinthians 11 entry, pp.266-269. Fleming H. Revell Publishers. Available from:



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