We provide this list of Literature and Resources on the subject of the
head veiling to encourage believers to prayerfully and open-heartedly study this subject and meditate on God's Word. Although we have carefully reviewed and analyzed each of these resources, we feel that no one book or article, Scripture excluded, has the "complete truth." The Scriptures tell us, "Thy Word is Truth." (John 17:17) We pray that these resources will encourage and bless you. Not all of the viewpoints in the sources we list are necessarily our convictions or views.

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As of June, 2001, Still Water Revival Books have been selling a booklet supporting a judicial decision by their church forbidding women from continuing to wear head coverings. Since this past summer, SWRB has been advocating implementing church discipline against women who wear head coverings in the worship service. Their church's website has also posted this book on the internet. Interestingly, this has occurred after years of selling reformed books, articles, tracts, and resources in support of the head covering of women in the church.  You may visit the SWRB site for yourself, or the Puritan Reformed Church of Edmonton site to validate that this is indeed the case.  

A few days after the booklet was released, the following response in support of headcoverings appeared on the internet:
Headcoverings and the Reformed Faith

Covenanter.org also contains articles & quotes by some of the reformers DEFENDING headcoverings

Books, Articles & Sermons

NEW! 2/6/05  http://www.expage.com/headcovering









UPDATED 7/30/05  Lutheran Theolocal Seminary

Modest Dress and Headcovering
A place where all can share thoughts, ideas, and testimonies, ask questions, encourage and discuss topics like modesty in dress, headcoverings, cooking tips, everyday living and Bible topics, etc. http://biblicalstudies.qldwide.net.au/forum2.html

May be freely copied in whole or in part. By Wayne O’Donnell, wayne@higs.com, Hawaii Internet Gospel Site, http://www.higs.com, 8/1/02. http://higs.com/bt/headcovering.htm

Women: will you cover your head?
An elucidation of first Corinthians chapter eleven

Covenanter.org also contains articles & quotes by some of the reformers DEFENDING headcoverings   http://Covenanter.org/Attire/Headcoverings/headcoverings.htm

"We Believe in Modesty and the Headcovering... "
"Our Statement of Belief" by the Chapin family in the final issue of "Young
Women Stepping Heavenward."  Vol 2, No.1 -Summer 1999, Point Number 5,
pp.26-27  The Principles of the Woman's Headcovering traced through the Old
and New Testaments. 
Email ministries@pilgrimpromo.com  
URL http://pilgrimpromo.com/ministries/index.html
Online at http://pilgrimpromo.com/ministries/headcovering2.htm

  The Head of a Woman
(Part 1 & 2) by Mia Rushing.
Messianic Home Magazine, January and October 1995
Available from: Messianic Home Ministries, P.O. Box 3381 Lebanon, TN 37088. Phone: (615) 449-6804.
Messianic Home is a magazine published quarterly (January, April, July, October) by L.A.M.B. Fellowship and is distributed to subscribers for $16.00 per year in
the U.S (S20 Canada, $30 Foreign).

Yes, I'll Tell You Why I Wear It
by Brenda M. Weaver.
Available from: Calvary Publications, Glen & Amy Yoder 59115 CR 33,
Middlebury, IN 46540. (219)825-975. $4 per100 postpaid.  
A very gentle explanation of I Corinthians 11 concluding with a Gospel presentation.
Applicable to both non-believers and non-Christians.  Mennonite origin.

A Woman for God's Glory
by Anna Mary Byler.
The Blessing and Protection of the Headship Veiling; pp. 21~30.
Available from: The Bylers, Rt. 1 Box 630, Stuarts Draft,Virginia 24477
$6.99 plus $2.00 P&H.

John Calvin's Commentary on Head Coverings http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Cyprus/7560/background.html

September/October, 1992   Volume 27, Number 5 
Twenty years ago we published an article on the sisters' head covering. That supply has been exhausted. We are aware that many will disagree with the message contained here, but we hope our readers will at least ponder what Bro. James Myer says in this message. Christians differ in their understanding of the passage in 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, but Brethren from earliest times believed that wearing the veil is a distinctive practice designed for  Christian women.  

Click Here: http://www.brfwitness.org/Articles/1992v27n5.htm

Church, Prepare For Great Tribulation Headcoverings 1 Cor 11:1-16 Follow my
example, as I follow the example of Christ. I praise you for remembering me
in everything and for holding to the teachings, just as I
passed them on to you.

Woman's Head Covering & The Glory of God
by Dr Peter H.L.Wee There is a passage in the New Testament which has been
ignored, neglected and regarded as not worthy of attention, partly because of
fear of the controversy that it might provoke and partly because this passage
is not considered to be of any relevance today. Women may object to the
passage on the ground that it implies women's subjugation and inferiority to
men. Some elders and other leaders would rather avoid this passage or treat
it as nonexistent than discuss it frankly. Others have their private
reservations on the validity of this passage. Yet this passage is an integral
part of Scripture, written by Paul through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
for a purpose which has great significance in gatherings of God's people.

UPDATED 7/30/05 Institutionalist Rose-Colored Glasses
The New Reformation Review Volume one Number four - July, 1993
"The answer is this: nobody, but nobody, really submits himself to the
Scripture. Not you, not me, not anybody. But all of us, no matter those
eccentric, radical, cantankerous, obstreperous, or nonconforming that we may
be, do conform quite well to tradition. If you think that you know somebody
that's an exception, try this experiment. Ask them if they believe the Bible
is every word true, and if they will submit to its clear teachings. If they
say yes, then read them I Cor. 11:10, and ask them if their wife wears a head
covering in their local assembly. the responses you get will be quite
instructive. Here are some possibilities. . . "


UPDATED 7/30/05 Head Covering in the Assembly
By Noel Chartier
"I believe that the doctrine of head covering in the assembly can be
identified by one of the sayings of the apostle Peter, "things hard to be
understood" (2Pete2 Peter). It is indeed a difficult doctrine, and not
understood by all, even by this individual as little as a month ago, which I
believe was due to lack of personal study, coupled with a lack of
instruction. As with all doctrine, it must come from the "Scriptures", Gods
inspired "instruction" manual which is "profitable" for the man of God.
(2Tim.2 Tim.) So the purpose of this article is first to seek the will of God
and His instruction from the Word of God that we "may prove what is that
good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." (Romans 12:2)."


Is the Headcovering Really an Issue?
Answers the Questions: Is the headcovering a real issue in our day and
age? Weren't headcoverings for a particular time and culture ages ago? Is
this a fair and objective issue or just old fashioned legalism?
A Serious and In-depth Study (2nd. Edition-revised 1997, 1999 R.J. Vogel)

UPDATED 7/30/05 Concerning the Headcovering by Clyde McKnight

by W.P. McVey. Available from: Gospel Folio Press, P.O. Box 2041, Grand Rapids, M149501-2041. Phone (616) 459-9166/ Fax (616) 456-5522.

The Role of Women in the Church by Charles C. Ryrie.
Published by Moody Press, Chicago -Copyright 1970.
A unique book dealing with a subject that has previously received little treatment . . .giving direction to the church for a modern viewpoint of women's responsibility which is in keeping with the guidelines laid down by the Bible and the early church.

Baptist Women Exalted by Mark W. Fenison.
3175 Briar Hill Road Lexington, Kentucky 40516 859.299.1430
Website: www.bryanstation.com E-Mail: mail@bryanstation.com

Writings of C.H. Mackintosh, C.A. Coates, and J.B. Stoney. Although these are out-of-print, they can be obtained through the following resources: Bible Truth Publishers, 59 Industrial Road P O Box 649 Addison, IL or Rare Christian Books, 19275 Hwy 28, Dixon, MO 65459 Phone (573) 336-7316. Email:

The Mystery of the Head Cover Resolved by Richard Guenther.
Information from: Warren C. Campbell, P.O. Box 75 Kaweah, CA 93237. Phone (209) 561-0802.  An excellent in-depth exposition on the principle of the headship order. Hard cover.

Head Coverings and the 20th Century by Karen Johnson.
To obtain a copy write to: Karen Johnson, 1539 Montclair Drive, Modesto, CA 95350. A small donation is suggested to cover cost of printing and postage. A booklet containing a study of the practice of the head covering through history and today.

1 Corinthians by Geoffrey B. Wilson.
Available from: Banner of Truth Trust, P.O. BOX 621, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013. (717) 249-5747. A valuable study guide to the teaching it gives and some of the implications it raises for every Christian.

Biblical & Educational Resources
Church of the Brethren Network/ Christian Heritage Studies. "Beliefs & Customs: The Veiling of the Head."


CHFWeb: Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web
Articles & More: Message Board Library - Bible Issues - CHFWeb: Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web - Articles & More: Message Board Library - Bible Issue.

The Virtuous Woman --Sisters In The Ecclesia

Tracts & Newsletters
Summaries by Reg Barrow & Others -- Free Discount Christian Mail Order Catalogue -- Classic - Christian (rare Reformation & classic Covenanter & Calvinistic) resources (books, Geneva Bibles, cassettes, videos, homeschooling) FREE & for sale at great discounts by mail!

Biblical & Educational Resources
Church of the Brethren Network/ Christian Heritage Studies "Beliefs & Customs: The Veiling of the Head."

UPDATED 7/30/05  Five Myths About Corinthian Headwear

Headcoverings and the Christian Woman Homepage
Works On Headcoverings For Women: *John Chrysostom's XXVIth Homily on 1 Corinthians On the Veiling of Women. *Thomas Wall's Tract To Defend the Head From the Superfluity of Naughtiness.

The Christian Veiling by Leland M. Haines.
BibleViews Homepage http://www.bibleviews.com/Veil.html

Biblical Viewpoints Publications,   63100 County Road 111,  Goshen, IN 46526 574-875-8007

The Veil by Jackie Freppon. Derived from a book in progress called: "The Unveiled Woman"

CHRISTADELPHIANS, Antipas: Special Section for Christadelphian Sisters -
A Series of Articles and letters to stimulate your thinking processes by having you consider the head coverings of Sisters.

1) The Headcoverings of Sisters

2) A response to "The Headcovering of Sisters: by Bro. David Murphy

3) Does Bro. Roberts Give Sound Advice On The Headcovering Question in 1 Cor.11? 

4) "Let Her Be Covered", C.C. Walker, The Christadelphian, Feb. 1, 1900

5) Women's Hats and Churches, Bro. John Carter, The Christadelphian, December 1942, page 345

6) The Hats of Christadelphian Sisters - A Biblical Consideration, Ron Abel

UPDATED 7/30/05 The Russian Orthodox On the Covering of Heads
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Washington, D.C.

UPDATED 7/30/05 Grace to You: "God's High Calling for Women"

Secure For Yourself The Blessings Of Filling Your Proper Role by Tom Schattke. 1-94 Scriptural Helps.

UPDATED 7/30/05 A Woman's Headcovering -- Is it Really for Today? by various Christians.

UPDATED 7/30/05 Is the Headcovering Really an Issue?
A Serious and Indepth Study (2nd. Edition-revised 1997, 1999 R.J. Vogel)

Prayer Veil
Apostolic Christian Publishing Company P.O. Box 416 o Syracuse, New York

UPDATED 7/30/05 Timely Greetings Vol. 2 No. 38
Fundamental Principals Of Education—Advanced Christian Standards of Dress for Women and Girls.

The Rites of Submission 1 Corinthians 11:2-16
Study the Bible with Pastor Gregory.

God's High Calling for Women--Part 3
1 Timothy 2:11. Let's open our Bibles together to 1 Timothy chapter 2.

Transcript of Sabbath Meeting 01/08/99

UPDATED 7/30/05 Women in The Church (II) LCMS: CTCR Documents:
Women in the Church Scriptural Principles and Ecclesial Practice, Part II.

A Report of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, September 1985. Women in the Church

UPDATED 7/30/05 Index of /Attire/Headcoverings

1999 Sabbath Meeting Transcripts

God Has Ordained Headship by Doyal Thomas. http://users.aol.com/gregscv/headship.htm

Landmark Independent Baptist Church Homepage

Women's Headcovering: A Messianic Viewpoint

Concerning The Headcovering

Why Should A Woman's Head Be Covered?

The Headcovering

All Glory & Honor

Head Coverings, Prophecies, . . .

Veils: Should The Woman Have A Sign Of Authority On Her Head?

Women's Head Covering & The Glory Of God

Headcovering In Jewish Law

Head Coverings: A Biblical Thing?

Christian Women's HEADCOVERING Directory
For if the woman be not covered, let her ALSO be shorn: 1 Cor. 11:6 (AKJV)

UPDATED 7/30/05 "Headship and Head Covering According to Scripture" by R.K. Campbell.
Available from Believers Bookshelf, Box 261, Sunbury, PA 17801. Phone: (717) 672-2134. Email: believer@mail.csrlink.net.
Web Link http://mwtb.org/pages/catalog.php?page=author&author=Campbell%2C%20R.K.

UPDATED 7/30/05 "Woman's Role According to Scripture" by R.K. Campbell.
Available from Believers Bookshelf Box 261, Sunbury, PA 17801. Phone: (717) 672-2134. Email: believer@mail.csrlink.net
Web Link  http://mwtb.org/pages/catalog.php?page=author&author=Campbell%2C%20R.K.

UPDATED 7/30/05 "Outlines for Christian Youth" by Roger P. Daniel.
Available from Believers Bookshelf Box 261, Sunbury, PA 17801. Phone: (717) 672-2134. Email: believer@mail.csrlink.net
Web Link  http://mwtb.org/pages/catalog.php?page=related&subject=Study%20Aids%3B%3B

"Because of the Angels, A Word on Head Coverings" by Paul Wilson.
Published by Bible Truth Publishers, 59 Industrial Road, P.O. Box 649, Addison, Illinois 60101.  (BTP #1927)

Dear Princess by Mary M. Landis
published by Rod & Staff Publishers, P.O. Box 3 Hwy. 172 Crockett, KY
41413-0003  Phone (606)522-4348  Fax (800)643-1244  This book gives clear,
detailed Scriptural help and guidance for Christian young women.  It is
filled with many examples of real girls, written in a lively, captivating
style that holds the interest of both young and old.   Hardcover  Chapter
27-28 deals with the subject of the headcovering; pp.211-223 "Dress of a
Princess" and "Safeguards from Evil Men." 

Because of the angels, A Word on Head Coverings
by Paul Wilson.published by Bible Truth Publishers
59 Industrial Road, P.O. Box 649,  Addison, Illinois 60101  (BTP #1927)

Rediscovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood -A Response to Evangelical

Edited By John Piper and Wayne Grudem 
Published By Crossway Books Wheaton, Illinois A Division of Good News
Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood P.O. Box 7337 Libertyville, IL 60048
Phone: 847-573-8210  Fax: 847-573-8211  Email: info@cbmw.org  Web Site: http:/
Chapter 5: Head Coverings, Prophecies and the Trinity 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 Th
omas R. Schreiner   http://www.leaderu.com/orgs/cbmw/rbmw/chapter5.html

Symbols That Strengthen: With and Without Headcovering  
A special recognition of the structure of leadership underlying the impartial
gift of the Spirit for ministry; equally incumbent upon men and women in
leading the believers in prayer or other forms of leadership ministry 

Paul's Discourse on the Use of Head Coverings During Public Worship:
An Exposition of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16  By Richard Bacon 1997 First
Presbyterian Church Rowlett  http://fpcr.org/blue_banner_articles/headcovr.htm

The Harmony Of Opinion On Veilings From Commentator's Exposition On 1
Corinthians 11

Especially for Sisters
related to headcoverings, questions, women's hats and churches, etc.

UPDATED 7/30/05 Headcovering, Island Pond, 19 March 1991

COVERINGS by Gary Nayler
"This not just a writing on head coverings, beards, and clothing, but it goes
much, much further than you can even imagine, examining how this law or way
of God is applied in salvation, how it relates to God's glory, how it affects
God's covering over this earth, how it relates to the vow of the Nazirite,
and, as an issue directly affecting women, most  profoundly how it
specifically relates to the bride of Christ. It is no exaggeration to say
that the writing of this book, and all I learned in the process, has been the
single most significant and life-changing event in my life, outside of my
acceptance of Christ as my savior and my marriage. I hope it will be equally
significant for you. -Gary Nayler"
You can receive the book in printed form by writing to: Gary Naler, 39805 - 212 Ave. SE, Enumclaw, Washington 98022  To help cover the cost of printing and postage, please send $10 with your request.

The Christian Covering by Leland Haines
Biblical Viewpoints Publications, 16416 Sutters Lane Court, Northville, MI
48167  Phone (248)348-2645  Homepage: www.bibleviews.com/Veil.html

The Rise and Fall of a Sacred Symbol: Mennonite Women's Veiling
A very interesting article in the 1987 Mennonite Quarterly Review, 61:298-320
 $4.00 for a single article or $7.50 for the entire issue.  To obtain a copy,
order from John D. Roth, Professor of History and Editor of the Mennonite
Quarterly Review and Director of Mennonite Historical Library at Department
of History, Goshen College, Goshen, IN 46526  Phone (219)535-7433  Fax

"We Believe in Modesty and the Headcovering... "
"Our Statement of Belief" by the Chapin family in the final issue of "Young
Women Stepping Heavenward."  Vol 2, No.1 -Summer 1999, Point Number 5,
pp.26-27  The Principles of the Woman's Headcovering traced through the Old
and New Testaments. 
Email ministries@pilgrimpromo.com  
URL http://pilgrimpromo.com/ministries/index.html
Online at http://pilgrimpromo.com/ministries/headcovering2.htm

The Virtuous Women's Veiling and the Question of Hair lengths. 
True Christian Modesty for Professors of God's True Reformed Religion.  The text of 1Cor. 11:2-16. (Generally the passage in debate)

Especially for Women
The Westminster Confession of Faith by the Westminster Divines • Ladies of the Covenant by James Anderson • The Role of Women in the Church by Greg Price (2 Cassettes, $5.90) • The Way Home: 


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