We provide this list of Literature and Resources on the subject of the
head veiling to encourage believers to prayerfully and open-heartedly study this subject and meditate on God's Word. Although we have carefully reviewed and analyzed each of these resources, we feel that no one book or article, Scripture excluded, has the "complete truth." The Scriptures tell us, "Thy Word is Truth." (John 17:17) We pray that these resources will encourage and bless you. Not all of the viewpoints in the sources we list are necessarily our convictions or views.

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Historical Information

NEW! Mennonite & Amish Caps - Plain-n-Simple Headcoverings: Amish, Mennonite and Contemporary Designs 

Let Her Be Veiled edited by Tom Shank.
Available from: Torch Publications, 1484 Hwy. 93 North, P.O. Box 397, Eureka,
MT 59917 or Valley View Christian Fellowship, 305 Smith Lake Road, Kalispell,
MT 59901 ($3.00) 92 pages.
Sample quotes: "History can help us another way with an issue such as this. The consistent testimony of Godly men and women down through history underscores the testimony of Scripture. Even in times of spiritual darkness, courageous men have seen and spoken and lived the truth. They are to us a great cloud of witnesses.... About the year A.D. 200, Tertullian wrote an essay entitled 'On the Veiling of Virgins' As the title suggests, he argues that unmarried girls as well as married women should be veiled. Throughout this essay, Tertullian never questions the veiling of women.... According to the literal meanings of the original Greek terms, the woman's hair, which is her glory and serves as her natural covering, is to be cast around, which is the definition of the word peribolain in verse 15. The term 'veiling' is the word katakalupto which means something that covers completely and hangs down."

Let Her Be Veiled
Excellent resource now online! Pictures #1 of ancient Veils of Christian and pictures #3 of ancient Veils of Christian from 4rd century. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Cyprus/7560/LetHerBeVeiled.html
Also available from: Charity Gospel Tape Ministry 59 South Groffdale Road, Leola, PA 17540 (717) 656-4155/1-800-227-7902 Email cgtm@juno.com

Head Coverings and the 20th Century by Karen Johnson.
To obtain a copy write to: Karen Johnson, 1539 Montclair Drive, Modesto, CA
95350. A small donation is suggested to cover cost of printing and postage. A
booklet containing a study of the practice of the head covering through
history and today.

Jewish New Testament translation by David H. Stern.
Available in most local Christian bookstores. See 1 Corinthians 11:1-16,
pages 230-231.

The Catholic Encyclopedia.
Can be found at your local library for historical information; covers the
history and meaning behind the head covering under "Head, covering of the."

Ander’s Mennonite Homepage

Bible Views: A Mennonite-Anabaptist Witness to Bible Teachings


Transcript of Sabbath Meeting - 01/08/99
A Messianic study of the covering of the head through the Scriptures (men and

Tudor and Elizabethan Coifs
What is a Coif? / Pictures of Coifs /Head coverings during the 16th century ranged from the simple to complex.

Christian Reality Anabaptist Church History
What did early Christians believe? Why are Amish, Mennonites, Anabaptists so
different, even today?

Why Amish and Mennonites?
Where do they come from? Explains what secrets in their past shaped
them into becoming what now appears to be a people living in the past?

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companions: Hats, Bonnets, & Caps
Do you want to create a Regency costume? Are you desirous of dressing like a
character from a novel of Jane Austen? Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion
is a collection of information, ideas, pattern tips, and images that will
help you make your dreams a reality.

Clothing and Appearance of the Early Christian Anglo-Saxons --Angelcynn.
A member of GeoRewards. The time is Anglo-Saxon England is Clothing and
Appearance of the Early Christian Anglo-Saxons (c. 600-800 A.D.)

In-Depth General Garb Seminar
Medieval costuming, simple with attention to actual period practices of the
pre-seventeenth century [ie, pre 1600] culture.

Viking Garment Construction

CLOTHING OF THE 1830s  by Jane Wheeler, former Director of Programs at Conner Prairie.
 Women kept their heads modestly covered most of the time. They wore "day 
caps" of fine linen or cotton, with ruffles around the face, and chin  ties.
These were even worn under the cape hood, or under the summer  straw bonnet
or winter quilted bonnet. Ladies of fashion wore  elaborately decorated
bonnets when they left home: flowers, feathers, lace, ribbons, ruchings and
ruffles abounded.  For sleeping, many women wore . . .  a night cap.    URL 

Costuming Resources Online
The Study of Costume Historical Topics from Multiple Eras
This section of The Costume Page contains sites featuring ethnic and folk
costume from all regions of the world. Some of the costumes you'll find on
these pages are still worn as everyday clothing.

18th Century Clothing at Colonial Williamsburg
Men, Women, and Children's clothing; Millenry and 18th century costume design.
Home Page of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation  URL www.history.org 

"The woman's cap, however, seems to be a cross between a period coif and a
later prairie bonnet.  Women in the Plymouth Colony would also not ahve worn
their hair loose, but rather pinned up underneath the coif, and bangs are
comparitively modern."
P.O. Box 1620  Plymouth, MA 02362  Phone: 508/746-1622  Fax: 508/746-4978

Elizabethan Costuming Page  "16th Century Cauls, Hairnets, & Snoods"

Crochet Partners Pattern Library  "Rapunzel's Elegant Snood"

Chrisitan Light Publications
This Mennonite Company provides several Home Economics Study Booklets on
making your own Mennonite caps and cape dresses.  You can order the little
booklet "The Significance of the Christian Woman's Veiling" which is small
and will fit in your purse or pocket.  It deals with the headcovering only.
They also have another booklet titled "Personal Appearance in the Light of
God's Word" this deals with  dress from the OT to to the NT. They can be
ordered from Christian Light Publications  P.O. Box 1212, Harrisonburg, VA
2280l-1212.  The phone number is 540  434-0750. http://www.anabaptist.org/clp

Lithuania Culture -Dresses
Lithuanian national clothing is divided into time periods.  An approximate
image of attire has been reconstructed based on remnants of  clothing and
various articles...

Headcovering in Jewish Law
There are two separate issues of covering the head in Judaism, one for men and one for women.


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