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Personal Testimony

Now, Paul taught that woman are to COVER for prayer and prophesying to witness to man and to the Angels. It may be hard to do for many - but the ONLY really hard part is what OTHERS will think. Wonder what they thought of John the Baptist before he began preaching? Wearing his camels hair and eating locusts and wild honey , I'm sure many said he was a crazy man, until he opened his mouth, then they KNEW, this man was sent from God. I doubt he gave the Lord much battle over why he had to do this and that , like I do. :-)

From another sister . . .

Personally, I am convinced that I am to wear the covering all my waking hours (I do not wear it at night). Something the Lord showed me...1Cor11:10 speaks of the woman wearing power on her head because of the angels. My old KJV has a reference to Gen 35:65??--sorry, Bible not near me at the moment--where Rebecca is asking the servant who the man is coming toward them in the field. He tells her it is his master, Isaac, who she has agreed to marry, sight unseen. The Word says she immediately took a veil and covered herself. A light went off in my measly brain when I read this as a reference to 1Cor 11:10! Oh!! She was covering herself to show she was willing to submit to this man! For whatever reason she had not been covered before, the Bible does not allude to, but when she saw the man who was to be her husband, she covered herself! This was not a worship was not even in Corinth in the first century AD!!! This could not be just a Corinthian custom...nor could it be just for during the assembly! ...I know that some of my best moments of prayer are when doing dishes, or driving in the car, or feeding the animals, it wouldn't be practical to run and grab a cover. These are the reasons I was convinced long ago that I was to cover all the time. Then, when the Lord showed me Rebecca veiling herself as she was about to meet Isaac, that was just the confirmation--I had already known, but that was like the icing on the cake. . . .

I am almost always covered anymore. I did, however, for the first 2 years I covered, only cover for worship and prayer, but I started covering fulltime this year. If I want to witness to ladies outside of my own group on the importance of the headcovering, how am I going to show those who are not of my own congregation if I am not wearing a headcovering fulltime ? So, that is why I do it, and I almost always find something to pray about... when taking a walk, reading, shopping, driving. etc etc. I don't think, though, that I want to judge anyone for not covering fulltime because I didn't do that for quite a while. Some ladies' husbands have told them expressly only to cover during worship and prayer, some ladies are only at the point in their walk that they are only comfortable or convicted about covering part-time, and that may well change later. I think each person has to come to certain conclusions in their own due time. God knows how much a person can handle and when. Its just like a plant. You put it in good soil and water it, give it a little bit of fertilizer, but that's all you do right at first. You may protect it with netting and mulch, but for the most part, it must first absorb the water, the nutrients, and establish itself in the ground. A person can't pour onto that little baby plant all the water it needs in a lifetime, or all the fertilizer it needs for a full year, or more, you can't crowd it with too many other plants because its roots haven't established yet. Other plants could crowd it, and cause it to lose some much needed nourishment, or even die. A little at a time, and be careful in the way you plant, your spacing, depth, water, fertilizer, etc etc. If that little plant has too much at once its just going to collapse and die. We are these plants. God is the gardener. I am so glad that you cover fulltime, as do I. I wish for everyone to come to this conclusion, but I don't want to force their hand. I'm not saying that's what you intend to do. I just thought maybe this would be a good analogy to use. I love planting perennials, so I think of each of us as a little rose bush. We start out dormant, we need pruning, we need special care, and when all is said and done, and we are patient, we become the most beautiful and abundant of bushes. I guess you could think of this in terms of fruits and vegetables as well. :)
-- Melissa


Dear Sisters,
I have been wearing a covering for several years for church services, prayer groups, family devotions. But of late what concerns me is we pray at meal time, in the car, when a friend calls and asks to pray many of these times I am one place and my covering in another. It seems it would be simple to cover all the time. What about during the night when we awake, andfeel the need to pray? Do we get up and get our covering or pray withoutit. If it is OK to pray without it, why bother for church or pray groups. I know I am rambling, but I am trying work this out in my mind. I would love to hear what others do when they are away from home say in a resturant when grace is said? I would love your input. Of late the Lord has been dealing withme on this issue of wearing my covering all the time.
Your Sister in Christ
Cindy G

Dear Cindy-
This very question is addressed in one of the tapes from Charity Gospel's tape ministry. Does God hear our prayers when we pray uncovered? I am 100% certain that He does. He even answers them! :-) So why cover at all? because we are asked to and it is a matter of obedience out of LOVE for Yaweh and His commands. Do I ever pray in the shower? Yes. I'm not covered then. Do I sometimes wake and pray at night? Yes, and generally I'm not covered then either, although I do sometimes wear my simple cap pinned to my head when I go to bed, but it's never on in the morning when I wake up. I think the most important thing is, "Why are you praying uncovered?" Is it because of a disrespectful and disobedient heart? (Pride, envy, wanting to be in control, selfishness, etc.) or is it because you didn't have anything handy at the moment? I know that many sisters I love and respect deeply do not cover all the time. I know some Christian sisters who do not cover at all, or who believe that long hair is their covering. God still loves them and answers their prayers. But how much happier is He when we seek out His will in the Bible and strive to keep and do it? I don't cover to appease an angry God or to ensure my prayers are heard, but I cover because God asked me to. And because I love God, I want what He wants for my life (although sometimes I sure put up the roadblocks and give excuses!!!!!! LOL)



I started covering within the first few months . . . in early 1996. My conviction is to cover all day. I started out covering all day and then fell back to just covering for prayer & worship. But something about my sinful mind just found it too easy to fall into disobedience when I came home from church and took off my veil, so I started back to wearing it all the time. I find that it also helps me witness when I go out into the world. I attend a large non-denominational Bible teaching church. They don't, however, teach the headcovering as valid for contemporary women, so I'm the only headcovering lady there except for my lovely sister who wears a beautiful snood.

My Bible has a wonderful footnote about the cultural implications of the headcover. It says, "Women should be veiled or covered in the meeting of the church, and men should not. Paul's reasons were based on theology (headship v. 3), the order of creation (v.v.7-9), and the presence of angels in the meeting (v. 10). None of these reasons was based on contemporary social custom." I was so impressed with this footnote because it's stating that if it wasn't "culturally" determined back then it's not "culturally" determined now either! It's a shame that so many churches have been deceived into thinking it was a "cultural" thing when in fact, Paul wasn't even talking about the secular world's customs, but rather the lifestyle indications of the Believer with regard to headship, creation and angels.

Now I cover for more than the church assembly because it says when I pray or prophesy, and to prophesy is to speak forth God's Word which I do all day when I teach or talk to ya'll or a friend or a stranger at the store. It's just easier to wear it all day than to pull it out of my purse all the time. Also, we have to remember that the chapter & verse separations of Scripture were not included in the original writing of Paul. My own particular study of the section we refer to as Chapter 11 of 1st Corinthians has led me to believe that Paul isn't actually addressing corporate assembly until verse 18. My Bible has a beautifully added outline heading that includes the veiling into "public worship" concerns; but, if you read the text, Paul doesn't actually address the public assembly until he rebukes them for their communion practices. But again, these are my own observations and certainly not something I feel qualified to force on anyone else. Just as God came to my heart personally with my convictions, He has to enter into each one of your hearts personally as well. . . . we lean not on our own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and He acknowledges us and directs our paths.

Sister Vickie

I agree... no contention. I pass no judgement on others who feel differently. That said, I am of the belief that Paul was not speaking only of the gathering together of the saints in the first part of 1 Cor 11.

It is not until vs 17 and 18 that he addresses the coming together. I know there are arguments both ways. This is how I have been led. Since I am to pray unceasingly, and I am to cover whenever I pray, AND since my covering is a symbol of my submission to Chris (dh), AND because of instances in the old testament (specifically Gen 24:65, a verse which the Holy Spirit used to bring confirmation for me) that lead me to understand that it was NOT just a Corinthian custom, and that it was not only for the gathering of the church, I cover all the time.

That's just my perspective. No contention whatsoever in my heart.

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Greetings in our Lord!  Like many of us, I do not come from a
denomination that practices headcovering as a general rule. Before I
was married, I tried it for a few weeks in a row in Church, but I
recieved comments like "Oh, you look so sweet"or (I'm not kidding)
"You look like Mother Teresa. " Needless to say, I felt conspicuous, and
stopped! When I married, my husband and I moved in order for him to
attend seminary. Moving to a new place made it much easier to start
covering for worship because everyone probably assumed it was just
something I always did, and made no comment. So, I have covered for
worship for the past ten years or so (we'll be married 11 years in
As for covering "full time"...I have always had a love for things "old
fashioned", a romantic desire to return to days past. Also, I have
always been intrigued by the culture and veiled women of the Middle
East. (When I was a child, I used to go around with long scarves or
baby blankets draped over my head and face, or wear a nightgown, apron,
and sunbonnet!) So when I got this feeling that I should be wearing
some sort of headcovering all the time, I attributed it to these
interests, and didn't think any more of it. A few years ago, I read a
beautiful article "Why I Cover My Head" in a publication called The
Handmaiden. Not only did the author mention 1 Corithians 11, but she
wrote at length specifically about "because of the ANGELS". THAT'S what
grabbed me. By wearing "a symbol of authority" on our heads, we are
choosing to accept our place in the divine order of things, not only
the order of men and women, but in the hierarchy of EVERYTHING created,
including the ranks of angels! Veiling one's head is NOT merely a sign
of sumbission to an earthly man (although that's part of it) it's a
cosmic statement! (Like, wow,man! -just kidding <grin>) Seriously,
there is a whole realm of the cosmos that is unseen, but is very real
all the same- the angels, the Holy Spirit, we don't see them, but they
are there. The veiling of our heads is a sign to the Angels that we are
set apart for God, like when the Israelites, while in Egypt, were
commanded to put the blood of a lamb on their doorposts as a sign to
the angel that the firstborns of their houses were not to be taken.
(A note of interest: I recently read about the Old Testament blood on
the doorposts connection, but I don't remember where - maybe someone
can help me out on that)
So...that's why I am now starting to veil my head "full time". I don't
always - there's sometimes that little nagging voice asking "What if
you run into so-and-so" or "your sisters-in-law are going to think
you're pretending to be Amish". But I strongly feel called to this, and
I am determined to obey.
Hope this helps someone.... thanks for listening (or rather, reading :)

-Sis Sue in PA
Susan Meholick

The question of how often one should cover is going to have a variety of answers because for the most part the Bible doesn't spell it out crystal clear.  So you will get different views from sisters on the matter.  The same goes for style of coverings.  The Bible didn't have a master pattern for convience.  I personally wear many different types of coverings. I have a friend who had her coverings made in Kawait and they are wonderful. As for how often to wear it, there is a mennonite church that we have visited off and on for the past six months and they wear a covering constantly (except bathing) even at night they have special night coverings; not even their husbands see their natural covering. (I'll have to get the biblical whys from them and get back to you on that) Then there are other mennonite churches that only cover during the day(we have visited one like this), some only on Sundays and then alas some that don't cover at all. Personally, I haven't been consistant.  There have been times when I've covered all the time and other periods in my walk where I've only covered when go out and on Sundays.  I've found strangers are much more apt to talk to me about spiritual things if I have a covering on, because they automatically identify me as a christian; they don't have to guess.  Many, many times I've had an opportunity to pray for someone or speak about the things of God to them or help them in some small way.  It seems the people who are rude seem to be in the churches that don't cover. (Baptist) The ones I've been in will do and say terrible discouraging things that will rock your convictions.  I've had several people at a Baptist church tell me covering was wrong and pridefull...  Meaning I was just trying to bring attention to myself and  purposed to only cause trouble there. But the Lord holds our hands with this and we continue in the light of His truth.  If it wasn't, I couldn't bear it. An observation that I've also made is there are people who will hold you to a higher standard of christian perfection than other christian women who don't cover. I remember a woman from a non-covering church who visited me and I wasn't covered "Oh Me, oh My, I caught her without her covering whisper whisper I saw her angry one day and she covers!!!! whisper, whisper." Almost happy that there was a fault to find.  Obviously wearing a covering doesn't make one perfect just obedient in that area. Wow, I've gone on haven't I? Haven't answered any questions either. Well, thanks for letting me sound off.
In His Mercy,
Katherine Biggs

I have "pretty much" been covering full time for about a month.  That is how I started.  I say pretty much because yesterday we had to deal with lice and all my scarves went to be washed and we had tons of wash and I didn't get the few I had washed ironed so....  I didn't wear one yesterday.  I started doing it because of a gal my sister knew that had done it because she just felt led to and it blessed her.  That was quite a while ago but it intrigued me then.  Well, somehow I heard covering mentioned again and it got me thinking again.  I read the Scripture on it but that really wasn't the reason I did it.  I wanted to.  But I hesitated at first because like everyone I didn't want to stand out, my dh wasn't overly supportive on it at first(thought there was more important issues), and I didn't want to start something then stop doing it.  So at first I only did it at home really off and on.  Then, something popped into my dh's head during a sermon and he whispered to me that he wanted me to wear a covering.  So with his blessing and the desire in my heart I do.  I feel though that even if I don't happen to have a covering on I can still pray.  This doesn't mean I don't take the Scripture literally but that I don't want to be in bondage to it.  I am not saying either that following or obeying is bondage, it isn't.  Maybe I am not at the point everyone else is.  I do get uncomfortable about what others think, fear of man or vanity I guess.   So I guess I cover from a desire in my heart, it feels so right.  Does that sound funny?  This is why I started wearing dresses.  I do believe in modesty and the Lord has made me more and more aware of it.  Not sure what I feel about short hair/long hair and makeup at this point.  I don't wear makeup now and this started because I kept getting styes, still do without it.  I am growing my hair long to please my dh.  I do believe women should be more modest, especially in how they dress but I don't force that on anyone.  My dearest friend next to my dh wears pants and doesn't have long hair(isn't super short either).  I don't discuss it much with her but she respects what I do with the dresses and covering.  I have many other friends who don't, matter fact all of them except for the ones on this list!  :)  No one else does in the church I am in now, and I have no idea of the church I am going to go to in 2 weeks but I doubt any do.   So I guess my decision was a change or desire brought on by the Lord I believe.  And the fact that it seems to line up with the Word is an added blessing.  :)  Well,I have run on enough about this but thought I would share my 2 cents.  :D
Blessings, Carrie

Covering the Head in Church and out of church

Greetings all of my fellow women in Christ, I  am going to tell you my story and a witness of my life being veiled for the Lord at this very moment.  I was a called out child of God and when he called me he also called me to veil for him. Now allot of christian woman just know about 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, however the Lord also calls people, men and women to veil for a period of time appointed by the Lord himself (Numbers chap.6).  In which the Lord calls certain people to veil for a period of time, and in this time is total separation, meditation, and submission to the Lord for the person being veiled. Where he changes the person spiritually and takes them through numerous amounts of deliverance's. My story in simple, I am veiling for the Lord now. And I wear my veil at all times ( I never take it off). However, I also play division-1 college basketball and I am going threw all kinds of persecution for wanting to wear my veil on the  basketball court.  But the Lord has given me peace about it, and I feel a witness in my spirit to tell my story and if anyone once more information about it to e-mail me at  Because if you are confused and don't know why you feel in your spirit to wear the veil, your spirit will be enlightened by the biblical text and understanding that the Lord has given and shown me. Sisters the Lord is raising up his army for the last days and is pouring out his spirit upon all flesh more and more each day. So be watchful and prayerful, so you don't miss you blessing.

God Bless All my Sisters in Christ!

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