I am getting gray hair. Shall I color it? This question was asked many times, and has been discussed in our e-mail distribution list as well. Anything you do to change the appearance of your hair, let it be getting a perm, straighten it with a blow dryer, or coloring it even with a soft coloring substance, is damaging your hair, you shall be aware of this.   Gray hair represents the loss of pigmentation. It's wiry because it's sheathed in more cuticle than most hair. Graying hair is the start of a natural lightening process to which you should adapt the colors of your clothes.  Make up your mind to wear your hair long for life. In most cultures, the older you are, the longer your hair is. It is a mark of honor.   It has been widely accepted that wearing gray long hair is worth to look forward to, as it adds grace and wisdom to the appearance of a person. During the first months you may decide to pick your few gray hair fib
ers, but at a certain time you will have to make the decision: either short and colored & frizzy, or long and natural.   Ask yourself what looks better, an elderly woman with silky white-gray hair skillfully put up or a frizzy thinning perm?  How good you look with gray hair is determined by its texture with the rest of your hair.  How it goes with the tone of your skin and eyes is more critical than hiding it.  Those with a substantial amount of gray, should periodically use a "blue" shampoo to inhibit yellowing. Try leave-in conditioners and moisturizers to soften coarseness. 


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