Brushing also causes a good deal of abrasion, which strips the cuticle from the hair shaft, causing hair breakage and split ends.  A smooth cuticle allows your comb and brush to glide through your hair, eliminating tangles. Leave-in natural conditioning vitamin treatments and detanglers such as Infusium 23 help by penetrating each hair shaft to correct damage, then restructures and smoothes the hair cuticle, giving it extra protection. Many of us have heard that one should brush one's hair 100 times every night before bed to make it shiny and manageable. In the days of weekly baths and crude soaps this was good advice since brushing so many strokes disperses the natural oils and removes some of the excess oil and dirt. Now people shower more often and have numerous conditioning products to choose from, so this practice is no longer necessary. It is normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day. Be sure to choose a brush designed for your hair length, thickness, and texture. 

Always use a natural bristle brushes made from boar or other natural, non-synthetic or petroleum materials.  Many people use brushes and combs made from harsh chemicals and  synthetic matericals that are petrolleum based which irritate the scalp and cuticle. It is also very important to make sure that your combs are handmade and NOT made from a poured mold with a seam along the teeth edges and made from natural cellolose acetate that does not irritate the scalp.   Combs are usually pressed in a plastic processing machine in thousands.  This machine creates a comb by putting two molding units together and pressing plastic into it. A side effect is that in the middle, between the units, a small rand still remains. This is usually just in the middle of the flat side of a comb, and hence also between each comb tooth.   When you comb your hair, and you try to get beyond a tangle with force, your comb or brush works like a knife cutting or scratching your hair. Good combs and brushes are expensive, as most of them need to be post-processed by hand. Handmade combs are cut with handsaws and the teeth are polished so that they are smooth enough to slide easily through the hair resulting in easy combing without snags, pulls and irritation to the cuticle.   A cheaper solution is to buy a wide toothed comb, take out your nail-file, and post-process the comb yourself.  Use the file between the tooth and around the top of each tooth to get off that sharp rand. Polish afterwards with the smoothest/fine side of the file. Though we don't promote specific sale locations, we have provided a list where to locate natural brushes and combs. 

Frederic Fekkai Beaute de Provence
ronically, Frederic Fekkai is most famous for what he doesn't do: Follow fads, create "overdone" hair, or invent unnecessary products. Rather, Frederic is best known worldwide for his streamlined, common-sense approach to beauty and style. His philosophy: "The most simple and natural is the most beautiful."

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