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feedback: Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I have been covering at church since a 
year ago. I am vice-president of a ministry and one day the president of the 
ministry asked me why women didn't cover like in the old times, if it was just a 
style that went by or if it was in the Bible, and I decided to study about that. 
I was so surprised when I read 1Cor.11 where it mentioned that we should cover 
our heads when we pray, so I decided to make myself a veil for that coming up 
Sunday and I remember entering that door at church and everyone stared at me, 
like if I was crazy, some told me that I looked like an old lady (I am 24) and 
others said I looked pretty, I was a bit uncomfortable with the staring at 
first but now I doesn't bother me. The other day another girl my age suddenly 
came into church wearing a cover like mine and I went up to her and said: 
"congratulations, you have read the Bible, you look very pretty" and she smiled 
and said: "now, we both do". It was exiting to see!
e that another had found out the truth. God bless you all for this website 
dedicated to this verse that has waken us up.

Ruth Parkinson
June 07, 2005
02:05 PM

I love your website. if anyone is interested i=in talking with a single girl who wears a headcovering then do please e-mail me.

May 18, 2005
08:53 PM

Your site is beautiful and a wonderful testimony. We were reciently ( 3months ago) convicted reagaurding 1st Corr. 11. I am a 44 yr old Christian wife and mom to 9 blessings. We have 7 girls. 6 of us are corrently covered. Could you send me some suggestions and tips ( or a web site wich might already have these posted ) regaurding keeping track of pins, clips, each girls own coverings, where your keep them (ie drawers, hung up, folded...) any help would be appreciated. I also read in your "about us" that you have friends in Lancaster county. It was this Feb when we attened the Charity Gosple Misssions confrence when recieved a headship veiling tape by this group and The Lord really moved me/us. Are you aquainted with this group? Thanks for you wonderful site and Gods blessing to you. Jill, momof9  ages 15 to 2

May 06, 2005
05:45 PM

I already sent you an e-mail w/ thanks, but I hadn't seen the guestbook, so I'll do it again. Received my skirt today, and you do fabulous work! It fits like a dream. The ordering process was so quiet and trouble-free, I will highly recommend you to others -- as well as use you again myself! Thanks.

April 25, 2005
03:51 PM

Great coverings!

April 11, 2005
03:48 PM

Grettings in the name of our Savior! First I would like to say that this website is beautiful! Second, bless you for your obedience to the Lord. Third, I am seeking as much as I can about head covers. I currently attend a Vineyard Church on the west coast of FL. Modest dress is not something practiced, and there have even been Sunday mornings when I have been appalled by how some of my sisters in Christ dress for church. Personally, I wear a dress or jumper every day and am seeking the Lord about covering my head. I know that if I showed up to church with a head covering it would cause some people to "stumble". Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I would not want to cause others to stumble or qustion... Have a blessed day!

April 11, 2005
12:12 PM

Just stopping by to see whats new!

Rose Marie Munoz
April 08, 2005
05:48 PM

This was a very enjoyable website. Keep up the interesting topics. I am Apostolic/Pentecostal from Texas

Ms likehair
March 21, 2005
11:40 AM

Dear Madam, Hullo, I visited your website with great interest, please do you know of any churches where they wear modest apparel? If you do could you please kindly send thier web address or address to me throught he email My email address is ilikehair@excite.com Thanks so much for your help, I look forward to hearing from you Thank you Yours sincerely Ms likehair

March 17, 2005
05:06 PM

Greetings! May God richly bless you as you provide good, solid and wearable headcoverings for us! I appreciate it that you hold up this standard! Rachel S.

Barbara Townley
March 16, 2005
09:01 PM

Can you tell me whether HV14 comes in a metallic or a mustard gold?

March 10, 2005
10:47 PM

Recently my husband showed me a website that features modest clothing for women, more as a point of curiosity than a suggestion. I perused it with great interest, then launched my own search for similar websites. I found yours and all the testimonies concerning coverings. I am not Pentecostal or Mennonite or a member of any of the churches in which women traditionally use coverings. However, I feel that the Lord is steering me in the direction of more modest dress, and I have been reading the passages in the Bible concerning head coverings. I have much to think and pray about. I appreciate your website. Thank you and God bless.

March 09, 2005
06:42 PM

i AM VERY CONFUSED at this point about headcovrings i do not know if i follow my heart and what the bible says and cover my head or if i follow my parents command not to cover my head. (just to clarify my parnts have told me traight ot not to cover my head the do not belive we need to because God is our headcovering. i on the other hand for the past two years have struggled with if i shhould cover my head or not to over well just this week i have been felling the need to cover. please give me some advice.

February 26, 2005
09:39 AM

I visited your beautiful Website, and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site. http://www.algonet.se/~allan-sv/INDEX.HTM Please, pray to God for a powerful revival! A revival appears when God's Spirit reveals a "forgotten" Biblical truth so that it becomes preached anew. Is it any "new" truth in the Bible that has not become preached, and that can bring forth a radical revival? There are at least THREE such truths in the Bible that have not been preached. Please, read more on my Website. http://www.algonet.se/~allan-sv/PAGE86.HTM Allan Svensson, Sweden

Kenneth L. Anderson
February 23, 2005
11:41 PM

Just praising the Lord for your web site and your obedience! I found it while google searching for "head coverings" and "prophecy" seeking to know if anyone else besides me receives God's instructions concerning head coverings AND prophecy (and everything else!) The Lord bless you!

February 11, 2005
03:43 PM

Hi, what a great site! I make long dresses and skirts too! Still looking into the subject of covering

K. Gray
February 06, 2005
05:04 PM

Wow--I love what you're done with the website. It was beautiful and very feminine before you changed it, but now it's really cute and hip and fun! Very adorable. I hope all is well since all of the storms and hurricanes. God Bless you all!

Tricia Jones
February 02, 2005
05:11 PM

The culottes are available through custom ordering, and we will be providing them through the shopping cart soon .. We just have to add the info onto the website. For those who want to request a snail mail catalog, just request one through my email address above. Blessings, Tricia

January 31, 2005
03:28 PM

I've seen women with head bonnets in my church.

January 26, 2005
08:02 PM

do you still offer snail mail catalogs as well? If so, please tell me how to get one. Thanks! :)

wilma goldsmith
January 26, 2005
01:33 PM

i tried to click on culottes, but could not Then went to search and that didn't work either I have been looking for modest culottes and now cannot see what u have to offer..can u help? thanks


Hi, I just posted but I was reading some of the messages about head coverings. I was born in a church that believes in modest clothing. The women have always worn long skirts. We cover our heads to pray because it says in 1 Cor 11 'But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoreth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven.' So we do not wear a head covering all of the time, only in church and whenever we pray. I am in college and I do not see so many women being modest. Its nice to read your messages. God Bless


I think this is a great idea. I am a christian and only wear skirts. I cover my head to pray. It;s great to see that modesty has not completely died out. God bless

heather gale

Refreshing website. you look a very peaceful and calm family with wonderful values.


i am 15 years old and i live in england. I believe in dressing modestly even though my parents, despite being catholic, are very unsupportive. I have always been interested in scarves and coverings, so when i discovered the bible telling me to cover my hair it made so much sense. Right now i only wear one at church and at weekends, as my school only lets muslim girls wear scarfs. I love the veils here but i also like the islamic veils which cover my waist-length hair and my neck - i think they are more modest. Lovely website, keep up the good work and may God bless you all.

Jo Askren     (July 28th 2004)
I just recieved my betsy bonnet. Thank you very much, wonderful sewing job and it fits great.

Ellen Stoltzfus  email   (July 21st 2004)
Thank you so much for making such beutiful coverings available to the public, God will Bless YOU!!! i love my coverings, and i love shopping for them, :)

Alicia  email   (July 20th 2004)
I enjoyed your site. I'm Pentecostal and find it VERY hard to find skirts that I like! ( do you make blouses too ????? ) Because EVERYONE doesn't wear clothes that these people are wearing now :) I don't wear covering nor do I understand why there is a need to but anyways - KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK and MAY OUR LORD JESUS BLESS YOU!!!!

carrie cook  email Homepage  (July 14th 2004)
thank you for the belief you have in holiness, I am a young holiness girl and was looking for something like this. Do you have a catalog u could send me ?? my adress is po box 20314 charleston, west virginia 25362 thank you. gbu

carrie cook  email Homepage  (July 14th 2004)
thank you for a site so dedicated to the truth of the word of god. love you'll in the Lord.

Jenny Sieburg  email   (July 12th 2004)
you have so many beautiful coverings to choose from and the quality of materials and sewing is excellent. I would like to know about the cameo lace veiling that is pictured on your site. What size is it? If you are able to get back to me, so that I could know better what to order, that would be very helpful.

Miranda J. Melto  email   (July 11th 2004)
This website is very nice. It's very hard to find head-coverings. Thank you!

Mackenzie G.      (July 8th 2004)
Greetings! I am a young Pentecostal girl and I, too, refust to follow after the fashions of this world by wearing pants and other immodest modern clothing. I just don't get why you feel like you have to cover your hair? 1 Corinthians 11 teaches in the fifteenth verse that a womans hair is her glory and that a woman's hair is given to her to be her covering. So with that in mind, all you really do by wearing bonnets and veils is cover the covering that the Lord has already given to you. I guess I'm a little confussed about why do you really do this when the scripture deems it unnecessary to do so. Can anyone explain why it really is necessary to cover the head with a covering over the hair? Just curious... I still love the site and the promotion of modesty! :)

lillian  email   (July 6th 2004)
yes,i believe that a woman should have her head covered that is what the word of god said.

Rebekkah  email Homepage  (July 5th 2004)
Lovely page. One suggestion, it is a bit hard to read. You could try putting like a plain color in- on top of the background, similar for what you did on the "About Us" page, or perhaps making the text bold. .. Just a thought.

I too wear a headcovering. Have for about 9 years. It's always been a blessing. :)

A wondering sister  email   (June 29th 2004)
By the way, I received my Lady Elizabeth coverings and they are so beautiful! Thank you so much. :-)

A wondering sister     (June 29th 2004)
I am feeling convicted about covering my head during worship and prayer; however, I am single and I am not sure this is appropriate. If the purpose is to demonstrate the headship of the husband, is this a command to the married woman only? Does anyone have any insight to share in this area?

L.T.  email   (June 21st 2004)
It is beautiful to see other women engaging in modesty. I am a pentacostal woman raising girls and its so hard to find appropriate clothing for my children. Also, it is very hard to show them that it is okay to be different. My daughters and I both have uncut hair that is very long, and we get asked alot of questions. So, it is so nice to see someone else with the same belief in modesty and holiness. Thank you and bless you greatly through your website.

Stacy  email   (June 21st 2004)
I have been wearing a headcovering at times of worship for over a year now. In the near future, God willing, I will begin to wear it at work also. I have recently discovered Islamic-style wrap scarves that actually cover all of my hair. Its an amazing and beautiful way for ladies to constantly live as a blessing to our creator.
God bless!

Katherine Garcia  email Homepage  (June 19th 2004)
I got my veil today-a white mantilla and i must say the 6 week wait is so much worth it! It's very beautiful... Much, much more beautiful than I expected! God bless you and your family! Thank you very much!

Sara M.Wyant  email   (June 15th 2004)
Thank you for this site, I just today found it and am thrilled to see so much in print on my personal convictions! Keep up the great service to women everywhere, I will send this to my daughter too.

Julie  email   (June 11th 2004)
Regarding your campfire skirt, how do you make them to fit our measurements? I am heavier in stomach area but have smaller hips, rear and legs. I dont like skirts that are too full in the areas i am smaller in because I think the opposite makes me look slimmer. your campfire skirt would be perfect for me since it is elastic waist. how much bigger than the measurements do you make them to fit?
Thank you.

Florence Such  email   (June 6th 2004)
I am happy to deal with a Christian. I like what I see. God bless you as you bless others but above all, Him! Respectfully,Mrs.Such

Karen Rosenkrantz  email   (June 5th 2004)
Please send me your catalog of modest apparel and coverings. Send to:
Karen Rosenkrantz
11612 Aspenwood Drive
New Port Richey, Fl 34654

Marlene Peterson  email   (June 5th 2004)
i live in Menton, France. is it possible to purchase "White Eyelet" fabric from you by the yardage? what would the cost be, if you mail it regular mail?
marlene peterson

s.j.  email   (June 3rd 2004)
Hi. I am up very late writing this e-mail to let you know how nice it is to see a web site with head coverings and modest dress. I used to wear a head covering about a year a go when I was serving the Lord but recently backslid. I know now after logging onto this web site that I was not alone in my belief to wear one. In our church only my mother-in-law and I believed in the custom. I was not raised in the church and have struggled over the decision of serving the Lord fully. I believe that women are to have long hair, that it is to be covered, that adorning should be modest and a dress. The church I was associated with and still am when I go also does not believe in jewelry or make-up as these things are against the Bible and are worldly. I am seriously rethinking my decision on quitting the Lord. I would appreciate the prays of you godly women out there. I would appreciate e-mail from women whos husbands are not serving the Lord and where you are finding your strength to do whats right in this present day world that he is holding onto. I am very fortunate in the aspect that he is for my covering and allows me to dress my daughters in modest appearl when I am serving the Lord. Thanks once again for such a wonderful web site for it has sent conviction on my heart.

c4c  email Homepage  (June 1st 2004)
If you wanna find out MORE of how to reach the Great Beyond OR if you don't know Jesus, I'd suggest you reading my URL. God bless. Be at peace.

Elizabeth   email   (May 21st 2004)
I've been doing some online research in regards to modest dress. I am a Christian woman but I do not adhere to any particular dress code--neither do I cover my hair. But I appreciate the beauty and simplicity I see on your site. It is clear that you all desire to serve and love our Lord Jesus and that is most important. I don't know that I'll ever cover my hair--I live in California and I have not met anyone who does this besides Muslims--but it was fascinating to read the testimonials on your site. Keep up the good work and God bless you!

Sandy  email   (May 19th 2004)
Wonderful site! I intend to make use of this site in the very near future.

cat  email   (May 18th 2004)
NOt sure why you all wear the
covering. I am southern Baptist. I ordered a skirt here because I like the long skirt. I do like to look decent and I find it hard to find a skirt that fits me properly.

Jacky Wetzel  email   (May 12th 2004)
This is a wonderful web site, and I enjoyed reading it.

Louise Grey     (May 9th 2004)
I love your website... good to see a push for modesty in dress!! I was also just curious... what exactly do you believe?? I am a young Pentscostal woman... I believe very conservatively in modesty (no elbows or shins!!), and I also do not believe in trimming or otherwise cutting my hair. If you research the root of the word "long" when used in reference to hair, it literally translates to "uncut". If you are trimming hair, it can only be for one possible reason... vanity. Yes, split ends do happen at times, no matter how cautious you are with your hair. But 1 Corinthians 11 gives a direct command for women to not cut their hair. Call it what you will, but cutting is still cutting, reguardless of how much of the actual hair is removed. Worldly women trim their hair so that it will look nicer... meaning that they trim it out of vanity. A woman's hair is her glory!! What would possess you to cut your glory? I strongly consider any of you who trim your hair to search the word and redefine your idea of what is long and what is not... remember, long means uncut!! May the Lord lead your decisions to righteousness and your scissors away from your hair!! God Bless

regina la bossiere  email   (May 8th 2004)
Is there a way to were or not were the ties(back,front,cut,or uncut.Hope you understand my question, just started wearing a covering and any info will be appreciated.

Christina Pena  email   (May 7th 2004)
I need a good shampoo for my thinning hair. I suffer from hypothyroidism.

Joyce A Travis  email   (May 6th 2004)
Learned a lot, wonderful site


Amy (a.k.a. ivorykeys :) )  email   (May 1st 2004)
Lovely skirts! :) I've gotten so frustrated trying to find modest, feminine, skirts, and I'm thrilled to see all of the styles you offer! Thanks for posting the link on The Crossings!

I've worn a head-covering for about nine years (I'm 19 now) and it's always an encouragement to see others who do. Thanks!

Faith  email   (April 26th 2004)
I found this site by chance, while searching for skirts. In that Lord guided click, I found something that I have been searching for. I am a woman, aged 20 years, who is highly conservative in the way I dress. Two years ago, I stopped wearing pants, and have adopted to wear skirts. Long skirts only, as my shortest skirt is barely above my ankle. I have felt, even before the change to skirts, the desire to cover my head. In my searches the only thing I was able to find was clothing imported from the Middle East. I purchased(and still love) two outfits from a friend, and adapted the acompioning veils to meet with my own spritual promptings. It didn't take long before I was being attacked, verbaly, for wearing the veils. I stopped, feeling the attacks very close to the heart of who I am. I began talking to other Christians, to find out their views on the subject of head coverings. Everyone I talked to saw it as extream, radical, backwards, or just plain "weird". When hearing this from the people who raised me, my pastor, my sunday school teachers, even my parents, you can imagine that it's been very discourageing. To my shock, it was non-Christian(agnostic and atheist) guys who have encouraged me to 1)wear long skirts 2)have long hair 3)cover said hair. They told my that there is something attractive about a girl who will go to such lenghts to cover herself, that what has been covered as been promised to one man, and to him alone. I have been searching for Christians who would agree with me, and help suport me, and who I can also help suport. I pray that there are some of you who would please contact me, as I have been searching for quite some time.

Diane Schultz  email   (April 22nd 2004)
I enjoyed your web page on headcovering. This is something you don't see often. Thank You

Deborah Burr  email   (April 13th 2004)
Thank you so much for providing a much needed service.

Stephanie  email   (April 12th 2004)
I would like to reply to Lilian, but her email address is incomplete. Does anyone know her email address? Lilian, if you read this please respond so I may reply.

Ramona Fulford  email   (April 12th 2004)
Thankyou for the tips on hair care.I needed them.

lillian  email   (April 12th 2004)
greetins in the name of our lord and savior jesus christ.i use to cover my head but i have stop .because it became a problem between ny husband and myself.but i thought as thougth god was telling me to cover my head.but my husband says that is not what 1cor.11;is talking about.so now when i go outside i feel uncomfortable.

NMKN  email   (April 11th 2004)
I liked looking at your head scarfs , but would like to see full coverage of hair. Even though I am not a Christian I really enjoyed this site.

Kim  email   (April 5th 2004)
Hi, I was reading about the shampoos. I wanted to let you know about another product that is all natural. You can purchase it in a salon.
It is Kenra moisturising shampoo and there is a conditioner that goes with it.
Neither product contains the ingredients that you listed.
Have a great day

Ann Preston  email   (April 4th 2004)
Thank you for offering long skirt lengths.

Patricia  email   (April 3rd 2004)
I just love this site,has helped me more than you could know.I was looking for a pic I thought I saw on here..of three young girls all standing behind each other with very long hair..does anyone know where that pic might be? Ever thought about having a chat night?May God Bless you .

donna woodrow  email   (March 30th 2004)
thank you for this site.

Melanie Pratt  email   (March 23rd 2004)
Please pray fo me and my daughter as we would like to wear a covering and have not been given n=my husbands blessing. Thank you

Maria Headd  email   (March 20th 2004)
Praise the Lord for the obedience of wearing headcoverings and honoring our heads. Thank you Jesus!

Maria Headd  email   (March 20th 2004)
Praise the Lord for the obedience of wearing headcoverings and honoring our heads. Thank you Jesus!

Pappa Jones  email   (March 17th 2004)
Ran accross this will looking for Milo Recipes

Emelye O'Mulvany  email   (March 13th 2004)
Greetings, I was wondering if you could tell me where you acquire the nylon thread that your snood is made from...I do a lot of crocheting and would like to try my had at making a couple of snoods in the mylon.
My thanks for your company...I certainly love the backgrounds and format.

Becky     (March 12th 2004)
Thank you so much for your ministry! I am a Baptist and am so exited to find modest Godly clothing! God Bless!

Eleanor Coffelt  email   (March 9th 2004)
The Lord has recently convicted me about this issue (both my friend and I) and I just love this site. I am baptist in background and this is definately such a change for me but we are involved in Bible quizzing and this issue came up. It started me thinking about ever since then. Thank you again!! In Christ, Joy

Mary Tyrrell  email Homepage  (March 9th 2004)
I am so thrilled to have found you....I am very glad to know I have sisters for support in being a modest woman in this day and age. Gos bless you all...Your Sister MAry

Gail Harris  email   (March 6th 2004)
I was wondering what religion you were? I'm Pentacostal and we DON'T believe in TRIMMING the hair but I seen where you do. Long hair is UNCUT hair. Just courious.

Lynn Pester  email   (February 29th 2004)
I was so delighted with my last order, that I have another veil for a very special occasion. Thank you so much.

Ashley     (February 28th 2004)
I like your website, you don't find many like this one were coverings are promoted

connie wakaluk (responding to J)     (February 26th 2004)
thankyou, i have read the chapter in the bible you told me to read (yes it tells use to cover our hair and that) but i am still have butterflies in my stomach about it do you do it all times or just in church. i am also starting to dress more conservitive i dont wear tank tops or tub tops and my skirts dont go above my knee buy 2 inches. i am also having a hard time with my mom and her beliefs on the head coverings. also pray that when i go to military basic training within this year i am a witness for our Lord Jesus Christ in all things i do andact and say. thank you

regina la bossiere  email   (February 14th 2004)
enjoyed your site very much.

J     (February 6th 2004)
Connie Wakuluk,
I saw your entry and thought that I could show you in 1 Corinthians 11 the purpose of the headcovering. If you have a Bible please read that section and let me know what you think. I am praying for you.

Cathy Nordahl  email   (January 21st 2004)
I'm looking forward to being able to order some patterns for head coverings. Thank you for such a beautiful web site.

Belinda  email Homepage  (January 21st 2004)
Your site is really interesting, thanks for sharing it with me!

Yahrusha Gagne  email   (January 16th 2004)
Thank you, i enjoyed your site. It's very beautifully done. YHVH bless you.

beth  email   (January 15th 2004)
i am considering wearing a covering. please pray for me as i make this decision.

To KERRY DUNHAM, short layers...      (January 2nd 2004)
Well, I really am very sorry to hear about what has happened to your glorious hair. Worldly stylists have no idea what to do with God's hair, do they?? Well I don't know how you feel about using products on your hair like spray and moouse, and I also do not have layers in my hair... but I do get those little fly-aways from new hair growing near the sides of my face. I use moouse to keep my hair in place, even the length when i put it up. And i can testify that it works very well. At my college ladies are not allowed to wear their hair down for worship or classes, so i have mastered the trick of keeping my hair up and away from my shoulders and face!! But anyhow, I use moouse to style (White Rain, Sunflower) and then I use a non-aerosol spray (White Rain, Unscented or Pearberry) to finish. It holds and stays well, even for work!! I will pray that your layers grow back QUICKLY!!
Love in Christ, Keisha



keijo  email   (December 21st 2003)
Merry christmas and happy new year from sweden.May ower the earth know, that Jesus baby is born. Blessing and loving keijo sweden

JoAnn  email   (December 17th 2003)
I love your site!! I liked the hair care section. I am also happy to see that you offer patterns. Thank you and please keep up the site. I plan on doing business with you.

Darlene Smith   Homepage  (December 17th 2003)
The Lord brought kept bringing the covering across our path several years before I finally put one on. As independent Baptists this was not practiced in our churches. In April of 2000 we, being convinced by the scripture started covering and living a more simple lifestyle. We were already very conservative but have made many adjustments in our life and convictions regarding video/ t.v. watching, flashy (but modest) clothing, jewelry, make-up, etc. The Lord has greatly blessed our life. Our eight children are reaping the fruit of this blessed life. Two of my six daughters also cover at this time. QUESTION: Are there other INDEPENDENT BAPTIST sisters out there who cover? We just want to know. May the Lord richly bless you as you follow Him regarding this wonderful Bible principle.

The Ben Smith family (Darlene)

Jonathan  email Homepage  (December 13th 2003)
Hey there :) Maybe you think it odd that I'm writing in this, maybe not- I'm a 20 year old guy, and I love the Lord Jesus Christ- I typed in the word headcoverings in a search engine and stumbled upon your site. God bless you guys for what you do- its awesome! I've had countless conversations with my sisters in Christ seeking to show them this blessed truth that shows so much about our relationship to the LORD. I'd encourage you guys more and more to be vocal and persuasive about what the Lord has blessed you with- veiling the glory of man, that the undimmed glory of our Lord Jesus Christ may be clearly manifested!! please take the time to email me and visit my website- and check out the essays I've written, especially on worship. "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." praise the LORD for what He has enabled you to accomplish for His kingdom- and keep preaching the gospel of salvation!! The time is near!

Joseph Howard Callihoo  email   (December 10th 2003)
I love this site! It had all the information i was looking for! My hair damaging days are over. This site was very helpful, its packed with information that is highly useful. If your trying to achieve beautiful hair, this is the site for you.

Catherine  email   (December 5th 2003)
You have a lovely website. I was very happy to finally find the headcovering I was looking for. Thankyou! God Bless and keep you always.

Katherine  email   (December 2nd 2003)
I would like to join Laura. Is the cameo simply the same size with different optional lengths, or do the 'small,' 'medium,' and 'large' signify different head sizes?

Also, is there any way for me to receive my covering by Christmas if I order now? I am performing in several concerts and it would be useful.

May God bless you!
In Christ,

Jennifer conn  email   (November 28th 2003)
hi ruth anna how are you please email me at all4godschildren@yahoo.com
i miss talking to you
i will write you as soon as i can through snail mail ok

Lorie Hethorn  email   (November 19th 2003)
I really enjoyed you site. Thank you.

anna  email   (November 19th 2003)
Thank you for this lovely site. Our Father surely blesses you! I do not currently cover, but have been considering it for church services. The idea of covering fulltime appeals as a reminder to pray constantly, which (suprise) does not happen as intended. Your retro scarf design reminded me of ones that my mother made for a childhood trip to Cyprus, and I've ordered two. I am a dedicated single person, committed to assisting my single-parent sister raise her son as our Father intends, and am considering a religous vocation when that duty ends. I attend the Episcopal church, try my hardest to lead a quiet & simple life, avoid shorts but wear loose jeans, and have very long hair which gets occasional trims and is cut & donated from time to time to make wigs for kids. I figure that's serving our Father & is ok to do. ; ) Can't wait to see those scarves!!! May the peace of our Lord be always with you.

martha curtis  email Homepage  (November 18th 2003)
I saw a lady at a homeschool meeting . she was wearing a "pleated" head covering with a tiny lace trim on the edge. i cant see on like this on your list. have you coustum made one of these? she gave me you web site...

Dori O'Malley  email   (November 17th 2003)
Dear fellow christians in the Lord, I love this website! I have been searching for a good head covering for years now, and you have several lovely ones to choose from. Now I can truly obey and serve my husband, while pleasing the Lord. Thank you so much for the designs. May the Lord bless you all.

Kerry Dunham  email   (November 13th 2003)
Hello everyone, For the past year I decided to let my hair grow long again. It got long and thick but did not grow evenly and when my hair was down it did not look that good. My husband was trying to do something sweet for me and got me a gift certificate for a haircut. I finally made the appointment and went. I told the hairdresser to only even up the back and well he also thought he would do me a favor my reducing the thickness of my hair to give it more volume. Well he used those comb/razor scissors and took out half the volume of my hair!! I thought it looked like a lot but I was too polite/shy to ask him to stop. Now when I try to put my hair under one of my coverings it keeps coming loose because of all the short layers near the top. Now I am stuck with this for at least a 3 or 4 months or longer till those layers get long again. Please don't make the mistake that I did if you just need a trim for your hair. Only let someone you trust trim your hair or try to do it yourself! Save yourself from the trouble I am having with my hair and the grief it has caused me. I use bobby pins and little claw clips to keep it all up but it still comes down. It you have any suggestions let know. Thanks. In Christ, Kerry

onyegbu  email Homepage  (November 10th 2003)
lovely site thanks

Heather Gunderson  email   (November 7th 2003)
Please help me. I usually wear dresses with long silk underwear and wool socks in winter . I live in a northern state but cannot find warm wool blend tights. I cannot find any full, warm tights, only socks. Please contact me if you can help me to find them. Thankyou

Patricia S.     (October 31st 2003)
Dear Tricia: I too suffered from the same ailment. Prayer healed me. I also ate mashed potatoes and applesauce for 6 weeks straight. I praise God that He healed me as He promised. He will heal you too through prayer!

Gisele  email   (October 31st 2003)
Your site is fantastic.
May the LORD be with you always.

Laura  email   (October 21st 2003)
Dear Fellow Christains in the Lord!
My name is Laura, and I found your website on the internet as I was looking for headcoverings. I am a member of the Apostolic Christain Church of the Nazarenes and we practice women covering their heads during worship at church and home. I have a few different types of headcoverings and I saw one design that looked really nice. (Actually, all your designs are beautiful), but I was wondering if you could please tell me about the 'cameo'design. I noticed that the sizes were small, medium and large, but I wasnt sure if that meant small is for children or if it was shorter than the others. Could you please let me know, as I am interested in buying one.
Thank the Lord and you for your time.
God Bless you, Laura

Lynn Pester  email   (October 18th 2003)
What a beautiful way to serve Our Lord. I always find creativity to be quite a spiritual activity. I just love your web site and the beautiful veilings, I can't wait to receive my order. God Bless

To Jennifer from Ruth Anna     (October 10th 2003)
Greetings in Jesus name! Did you get the email I sent in reply to the one you sent me? I'll try to send you a letter soon. God bless!

To Ruth Anna from Jennifer Conn  email   (October 1st 2003)
Hello, I haven't heard from you in a while. How are you? Did you get the letter I sent you??

Eileen  email   (September 30th 2003)
Love this web site.

rebekah  email Homepage  (September 29th 2003)
well, i thought i would just say that this is a very nice website. i like it here. keep up the good work!

Kathye Muhlbach  email   (September 24th 2003)
This is a very interesting site. I have just opened it and am well impressed.

Ada I. Perez  email   (September 22nd 2003)
This has been a great website, thank you, and God Bless,

gwen hill  email   (September 22nd 2003)
love your site

Theresa Hoarty  email   (September 21st 2003)
I'm a Catholic who would like to know more about coverings. This is a new concept for me but I am a mother who would like to teach my daughters a proper sense of modesty. In my young years, we always veiled our heads while in church but have stopped doing that. I'm not certain why that practice was discontinued but I have noticed conservative catholic women returning to the practice and I am interested in doing this myself. Any answers? I know that St. Paul tells us to cover our heads while praying and it seems to be a deliberate act of respect. Thanks - I enjoy this site. Theresa

Connie Wakaluk     (September 9th 2003)
Hi my name is Connie i am 19 years old i am to be leaving for basic training in the navy soon and have been wondering about the head covering i go to a church wear the women wear it for prayer and woriship but only in the church. i have not tooken up this practice because my mom says it is just somthing they did along timee ago God does not want use to do it. so if any one has any info dfor me you can mail it to me at
12 park dr Box 197
Grand Beach Manitoba
R0E 0T0

or if you dont want to mail anything just post your answers on this site


Mari Cammarano  email   (September 8th 2003)
Thank you so much for the information regarding protecting hair. I have waist-length hair and plan to be swimming in a chlorine pool, and I found your advice very helpful.
Thank you again!

Kathy Walters  email   (September 5th 2003)
Hi! I bought coverings from you in the past and I thought I got my wonderful "bush veil" from you but now do not see it on your site....do you sell those? Thank you.

To Ruth Anna from Jennifer     (August 27th 2003)
I was just wondering if you were able to find a family yet. It is ok if you haven't been able to. I have been writing you a letter the past two days. I would like to finish it soon. I have just been really busy, and I am going through a stressful time, I really don't want to go back to public school. I have been crying a lot and I told my mom I would pay tuition to go to this christian school. I just can't do one year. I don't feel God wants me there even though it is one more year. I won't get my Early childhood certificate which kind of upsets me, but I want to live God's will. Also, do you know of any directorys of amish families or mennonite families/churches? I dont know if I allready have asked you or not. Also, do you know of any good amish testimony books. About an amish individual or ex amish?? Well I hope to hear from you soon,Lord willing


To the "sister in need of guidance"  email   (August 26th 2003)
Greetings in Jesus name! Just some thoughts...
I don't believe the Bible has direct do's and don'ts for everything. The Bible does not say "You must have your head covered at all times." However, it does say that we are to have our head covered whenever we pray or prophecy (speaking when prompted by the Holy Spirit, testifying or teaching.)And it says we are to pray without ceasing. I believe that the main point Paul gave in I Corinthians 11:1-16 for us to wear the covering is so that we would give an outward (visible) sign (symbol)of our submission to God and His authority structure (God - Christ - man - woman). I believe that it is not only a visible sign to the world that we belong to the LORD, but also to the angels (God's angels and Satan's demons.) I believe that a veiled Christian woman who is submissive in heart will have special protection, especially in the Spiritual rhelm. I believe it is a sign that we accept God's order of authority (we submit to Him and those He has placed in authority over us, and of our acceptance of our gender - that He made us who He made us to be - - ladies.) I also believe we are to wear it for modesty (just as long dresses are worn for modesty.) Just some thought that I hope make sense and prove to be a blessing and a help.
I have a really good book entitled "...Let her be Veiled" and would be glad to get you a copy of it if you would like. Please feel free to contact me over email or by snail mail.
May Jesus bless you and continue to give you guidance and direction as your life moves on.
In the love of Jesus,
Ruth Anna

Dianne     (August 22nd 2003)
I really appreciate your ministry!

To Jennifer from Ruth Anna     (August 22nd 2003)
Greetings in Jesus name!
I'm so glad you got the information. Our Lord willing I will be ordering some more information for you in a week or two. I don't know of a Amish dictionary, but I do know of a Mennonite one. You can order a Mennonite one from Rod and Staff (which is where I am ordering some more information for you from). I was able to contact a family who lives somewhere around 2 hours from you, but they are not Mennonite I don't think, and they don't know of a family right now who is available for someone to move in with them. However I have asked another family and I will also contact another one, as I have not heard back from the family I wrote to.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!
The Lord bless you!
In Jesus,
Ruth Anna
Ephesians 2:13

Sally Jamieson  email   (August 22nd 2003)
This is a wonderful site. I am glad I found it. I have been searching for a pioneer type hat for my little girl. However, I think you should state on your order page that orders can take up to 6 weeks to receive. I didn't really like finding out AFTER the order had been placed that it took this long. I wanted the hat sooner than that, my daughter has a hair pulling problem and I want to use the hat to discourage her from doing this.

To Ruth Anna from Jennifer  email   (August 21st 2003)
Hey I got your letter and information!! I was so excited! You did not overload or overwhelm me. I love getting information!! So, feel free to send me as much as you want. Do you know how to get a directory of amish?? like with their addresses and stuff. this girl told me she had one. Have you had any luck finding families?? Are you looking for an amish or mennonite?? Either is fine with me. I will be writing you back as soon as I get the chance. Well, I have to go.

Dianne Will  email   (August 21st 2003)
I really enjoy your website.There are a wide variety of styles to choose from.Please add my name to your book. Thank you so much. God bless you.

shanna  email   (August 19th 2003)
What a wonderful website! Thank you for your obedience to The Lord!

Karl Gordon  email Homepage  (August 19th 2003)
Nice website!

Josh Chavez  email   (August 18th 2003)
Greetings, my name is Josh Chavez and I love your web-site. My mother who passed away 2 years ago wore a headveiling/covering for praise and worship services. I came across this web-site trying to find testimonies for my sister in-law who is also looking into wearing a headveiling for church and this web-site was a great help for her. I am a senior in high school and I would like to know if you would send me some information packets on headveiling to use for my senior paper. The topic of my paper is headveling. My mother believed strongly in the use of a headcovering, so I think that she would be proud of me if I showed others how important it is to wear a headcovering and how it pleases God to see people obeying his word.

Thank you very much for all of your help.
My address is 632 F.M. 467 Seguin, Texas 78155

Sunnyflower     (August 7th 2003)
I am really thrilled to see modest skirts being sold on this site. It is really difficult to find decent skirts in stores those days. I plan to order some when I am able to.

Sister in Need of Guidance     (August 5th 2003)
I am beginning to explore and consider the issue of the covering. I am eighteen years old and getting ready to go to college. I already dress in modesty (long sleeves and ankle-length skirts) and I have uncut hair, but I am beginning to wonder if I should not start covering my head. If any of you sisters could provide me with passages of scripture that directly decree that women cover their heads at all times, I would be most greatful. Any response would be appreciated. Thank you so much! Love and Blessings in Christ to you all.

To Jennifer from Ruth Anna     (August 5th 2003)
Sweet and loving Christian greetings to you Jennifer!
I am so glad I can help! I will be writing you a letter and will send some information with it. However some of it I have to order, so I will be sending some of the material to you later. I hope this is okay.
May Jesus bless you as you seek Him, His will, and His ways!
Much love to you in Jesus,
Ruth Anna
Hebrews 13:3,8

To Ruth anna from jennifer     (August 3rd 2003)
Hello, i am so happy you wrote me. it would be awesome if you could send me that info my address is:
229 west gay st
red lion, pa 17356
I live in PA but i would be willing to travel to stay with a family. I am 17 but i would have approval from my parents. I love the Lord and I have been so happy learning and i am so greatly overjoyed he lead me to the amish mennonite beliefs. please write me back here or just write me a letter. if you are going to let me know in here so i can keep a look out for it. God bless.....

For Jennifer from Ruth Anna  email   (August 2nd 2003)
Greetings, Jennifer, in Jesus' name!
I emailed you a couple days ago but it came back to me. Then I just wrote a letter in here to you, and lost it! Oh my! :o)I guess I'll give you a brief idea of what my message was. :o) Just that our family knows a lot of Mennonites and ex-Mennonites and have come in contact quite a bit wtih the Amish. Right now we are attending a Mennonite church. There are a lot of false things that people tell about the Mennonites and Amish, even people who live among them. I have lots of material by them that I'd be glad to send to you. Also, if you let me know what state you are in or want to be in, I can probably find a Mennonite or ex-Mennonite family who would be glad to take you in. If you don't mind me asking... what is your age? And would you mind sharing a brief testimony of how you answered God's call in your heart for salvation? I would really enjoy corresponding with you if you would like to. May Jesus bless you and continue to draw you ever closer to Himself and to direct your steps! (Prov.3:5-6)Please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!
Your sister in Jesus,
Ruth Anna Scott
Please put in the subject if you send an email: For Ruth Anna. Thank you. I can send you my phone number too, if you want it. And if you ever are out this way you are welcome to our home in the name of Jesus! God bless you!
P.S. K.Gray...I really appreciated what you had to say about this. A good reminder to me too... to stay in God's Word!

Ruth Anna Scott  email   (July 30th 2003)
Greetings in Jesus name! This is a wonderderful site, and it is so very refreshing and encouraging to see others who love Jesus and desire to please Him and do what is right, no matter what. The Lord began convicting me about wearing the covering all the time about five years ago. Since then I have studied it and prayed about it, and then this past January my parents gave me their blessing and permission to wear it all the time. Praise the Lord! Our family has lived in Indiana over the past nine years, and have just moved back to Colorado (the western slope). I would really enjoy corresponding with other like-minded young ladies, so please write me - I'd love to hear from you. My snail mail address is: 1723 2630 Road; Cedaredge, CO 81413-9398. If you know of other believers in Jesus who belive in modesty and the covering who live around this area, could you please contact me? Thank you! Reading the guest book and seeing ya'll's love for Jesus is like finding a wonderful, refreshing, pure spring of water in the midst of a very dry wilderness. Thank God for His people who love Him and desire to follow His will for their life! Thank you, also to the Jones' sisters who make this ministry happen. May Jesus bless each one of you and may He continue to draw us all ever closer to Himself.
Because Jesus lives,
Ruth Anna
Eph. 2:13

for Jennifer from K. Gray  email   (July 29th 2003)
I'm glad to hear a young person who is so in tune with God's will for her life! I can relate to you, I also feel God's will in my life concerning the Amish and mission work. Although I am not Amish or Mennonite, I wanted to convert for the longest time, because of my convictions about hair, clothing and media issues. I also understand your concern for their opposition to mission work and adoption. Maybe God is telling you not that He wants you to be an Amish missionary and adopt children, but to be a missionary TO the Amish and to raise up children in the ways of the Lord. During my own effort to try converting, I realized that much of their practices are man-made rather than Biblical, and there is a strong sense of inferiority and timidity among the people. I do not object to women submitting to their husbands and such, but to go so far as to instruct tourists to avoid talking to Amish women and address the men almost suggests a spirit of mental abuse. I believe that there is nothing wrong with their views in cars and electricity (in fact i wouldn't mind loosing the electric myself...), but many of their other practices even violate what the scripture says. Jennifer, I strongly encourage and reccomend that you get a firm, solid grasp on the Word of God and keep on praying for His will in your life. God Bless--feel free to email me, just write in the subject box about this site so I don't delete your email mistakenly if you do decide to email me! Love and Prayers, Sis. God Bless~

Jennifer  email   (July 28th 2003)
Hi, my name is Jennifer. I am 17 years old and going through a spiritual crisis. I dont really know what to do. I know God want these three things in my life...amish/mennonite, mission work, and for me to adopt...but amish dont do mission work or adopt. Do mennonites or new order amish adopt? I dont even know if i would be accepted in the amish community. Is anyone here amish, mennonite, ex amish/mennonite, or knows someone i could talk to. I am also trying to find a place to stay. I would like to stay with the amish or mennonites so i could truely learn their beliefs first hand. if anyone has any suggestions, please please email me...all4godschildren@aol.com if you would like to write me i can give you my street address at a later time....thanks for your time

Heather Haynes  email   (July 24th 2003)
Hi! Keep up the good work!
God Bless, Heather

Mary Beth Jones  email   (July 24th 2003)
Loving greetings to the Lord's ladies visiting our website. I have enjoyed seeing some of you use our guestbook as a forum for helping each other seek God's will. This is what it's all about- urging each other towards God's best in our lives and the lives of those around us. May He continue to guide each one of you.

It is a joy for us to provide you with headcoverings and modest skirts . Cori and i started this ministry/business started ago when I was a teenager; my, how it has grown over the years. Tricia, you have done a great job on the website. You are so God-talented. Sarah, you a consummate seamstress! I love you both!
Blessings to all!

Lila     (July 22nd 2003)
For Rachel and the respondent of July 8, 2003. Is it not in Corrinthians, either Ch. 19 or 22 written . . . The women shall be veiled. . . and if not veiled, then let them be shorn . . . ?? (shaved). Take a peek at the women from Europe - Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern, German, French, Asia, etc. who are Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Judaism, Islam, Christian . . . Many women until today, still cover on a daily basis, not just for Church visits. Especially your older women who know what the REAL meaning of modesty was and still is. How many statues of the Holy Lady Virgin Mary do you see with her UNveiled or without her fully clothed cloak? There's a wake up call needed out there, and all of us need to hear and respond. May the Almighty bless of all you and grant you sincerity in the knowledge you seek.

Mary Ann     (July 14th 2003)
Something in your site has hit a nerve, long buried by the cares of the world.
Thank you for the gracious challenge to "show to the angels" that I am indeed His.

Joanna Kaufmann     (July 14th 2003)
Greetings and blessings! This website is such a needed ministry. I am 17 years old and the below is my 14 year old dear sister. I haven't always been Plain but I could've avoided much strife had I been so. Yous are doin such a gut job keep it up for certain. I can see Jesus in this ministry, their will many blessing to you Eternally.

Rebekah Kaufmann     (July 14th 2003)
I think tis wonderful-gut to finally find a website like this. It has many given me many blessings. Danke so much!

Jim Butch   Homepage  (July 8th 2003)
Great Site ! Thanks for the link. Jim

marilyn  email   (July 6th 2003)
May God bless you and your business (service)! Your coverings are so wonderful and your website is beautifully displayed--pure feminine joy!

florice haas  email   (July 3rd 2003)
Please tell me how I can get your catalog snail mail. I am 62 yrs old. Dress in long dress, long head, and cover my head. Have no church and know no one else that believes as I do. I was blessed to see your website. Thanks in the Lord. Florice Haas 9537 E. Alder Circle, Mesa, Arizona 85208

Carolyn Boxmeyer     (June 30th 2003)
Thank you for my most recent order. The coverings are just what I needed. I thank you for answering my questions and helping me greatly. It is a blessing doing business with you. God Bless.

Jenn from Keisha (k. Gray)     (June 27th 2003)
hi jenn... well, to help keep split ends away i occasionally treat my hair with olive oil and vitamin E. i brush it out well (read: GENTLY!!) and then spray in some olive oil and comb it through all of my hair... i braid it til about six inches is left unbraided and then to that add vitamin E... i just pop open the capsuls... and i sleep with it like that with a bandana and an old pillow case (the bandana can come off and the oil can stain your good pillow cases...) and i just wash it out the next morning. also, sleeping with it braided all the time helps it stay nicer and grow faster, too... helps keep away split ends~ i do believe in speaking in tongues AND shaving my legs... all the hair scriptures i've seen refer to that on the head and not the legs, although i respect the convictions of ladies who do not shave their legs. i have never heard of creation fest, but it sounds like you'll have lots of fun! :) i notice you said you're from PA... so is my guy-friend (not the same as a bf... not yet, anyways!). we write letters back & forth and met at College days at ABI, where i'll be going to college this fall. and no, i've never tried proactiv or birth control for my skin... i have found that irish spring sport bar soap does the trick for me! is it ok if i email you, so we don't have to take up the guest book? i don't want to offend the ladies here at SMHC, or anything... let me know! God bless~

Amy Barton     (June 26th 2003)
Hello! Grace and Peace to you through our Lord Jesus Christ! I am an eleven-year-old Christian girl who adores the old-fashioned way of living and Mennonite/Amish style. This website is truly a blessing, and great is your reward in Heaven beacause of it.

Debbie Benefield  email   (June 24th 2003)
Great website! You had exactly what I was looking for! It is so refreshing to see a Christian website! Debbie

To K Gray...Jennifer  email   (June 23rd 2003)
hey, I appreciate all the help that you have given me. I will definitely talk to the principal and see how that works out. I also understand your viewpoint on trimming your hair?? Do you know any good ways of keeping those split ends away or should i stop worrying?? Do you believe in speaking in tongues?? I thank you for the response on the homosexuality part...I for a time was having trouble with that issue..(i think i felt forced b/c a lot of my friends were bi/gay.. and they just seemed to accept me more as a gay person) but it just doesnt feel right so i guess God is convicting me on it...What about shaving your legs??does the bible say anything about that???Have you heard of creation...it is the huge christian festival.....with lots of christian singers and bands...i heard it draws crowds of like 100,000 or more. I never went but i am going with my church, were leaving wed. It is going to be held at hersheypark in Pennsylvania...I live in York County, PA.....well gotta go....good luck ohh yeah have you ever tried proactiv or gotten on birth control for the acne...(i heard there is a certain kind of birth control to clear up acne) well hope to hear from you soon..God bless

K. Gray--HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      (June 18th 2003)
I know that this site is for sharing and headcoverings and modest dress, but I was just wondering if anyone of you could offer any tips for how to get rid of acne!! I've tried baking powder & water on effected areas in the past and regular tea bags & hot water, and they worked then but just don't seem as effective now. I've even seen my doctor about it, and medicines haven't helped thus far. Any tried & true home remedies or something similar? Favorite products for ladies with oily skin? Your in-puts would be much appreciated!! :) God bless~

Trish in WI  email Homepage  (June 17th 2003)
I received my Banded Snood last week and just love wearing it - thank you so much! Today I ordered 3 more. :O) Thank you for your high quality workmanship.

Even though it takes longer than I'd like to get my order (I'm just impatient), I do so much appreciate and support your life priorities. God convicted me several years ago that He, my family, and our homeschool must come before anything, including a business... not everyone understands that, but it does my heart good to see others following in it as well. I just want to be an encourgement to you because I know that doing things that way does make some people angry. Keep up the good work!! My prayers are with you. :O)

Many blessings,
Trish in WI

For Jennifer Conn from K. Gray     (June 16th 2003)
I too am a young Pentecostal teen (I'll be 19 this fall and starting Bible College at ABI...) and felt urged to reply to your entries at this site. When I was in high school I just told my principal that taking gym class--which is often co-educational and requires scant and immodest clothing--was against my religion and system of beliefs and he was cool with it, so just try talking to your principal or your parents. If that doesn't work then have your pastor write a note--or even visit the school--and talk with your principal and gym teacher about it. As for trimming your hair... that, I think, is kind of a personal thing based on your own convictions. I do not trim my own hair for many reasons. For example, men trim theirs to keep it short... why should women feel it necessary to trim for their hair to grow? Also, cutting is still cutting, no matter now much or little of the hair is removed. I think that what you wear to bed is much the same. It is hard to find inexpensive night gowns that are modest, so I usually wear pajama pants under mine, though I am becoming convicted of it and may just start making my own nighties!! And about your question about homosexuality... I do not believe that one can be a homosexual and still claim Christianity and salvation. The scriptures tell us that disobedience is an abomination, or something that God hates. And since homosexuality is a sin, God hates it. Imagine the strength of Hate... it goes beyond just extreme dislike. Why would any saved Christian desire to do anything that would hurt or disappoint their Heavenly Father? If you want more information on anything, just make another entry in this guestbook and I'd be glad to email you back & forth. Maybe this has also helped some other sister who is new to the idea of modesty! God Bless you, Jennifer, and all of our other sisters out there! Love in Christ to you all.

Jessica Jones  email   (June 14th 2003)
Dear Sisters,
I so appreciate your site, I am disabled and don't have any money of my own, I am in desperate need of modest used clothing med/tall and a conservative head covering. It would be such a blessing to me if you could help. If the Lord lead you to help me I would be eternally grateful. God Bless and Keep You till his great coming
Jessica Jones

Jennifer Conn  email   (June 10th 2003)
Jessica Jones, if you read this please email me...I am 17 years old but I would like to help you get a headcovering. Also, i have a question for whoever reads this guestbook. Does anyone believe that you can be a homosexual and be a christian and saved?? Please respond...

Jessica Jones  email   (June 6th 2003)
Dear Sisters, I really enjoyed looking at your site, I have just come to the knowledge and belief that a head covering is a principle in which we should find ourselves in submission to. However, at present I just can not afford to order a covering, I have no money of my own and am disabled. Nevertheless; I applaud this site and and will add you to my prayer list for great and abundant success. Sincerely, Jessi

Bithia El-Bey  email   (June 3rd 2003)
It's good to know there are sisters, women who still believe in proper head covering. May you continuously endeavor to seek after GOD.

M. Fries  email   (June 2nd 2003)
I enjoyed your site, but had a problem looing at several of the clothing choices. Some would allow viewing and others would not respond. I was trying to find a girls coulotte pattern for my daughter to wear while riding my folks horses. I hope I can access your site better next time. Thanks- M. Fries

Jennifer Conn  email   (June 1st 2003)
I am still and school and i was wandering what to do for gym since at my school you have to wear shorts or pants. could anybody give me advice since i believe in wearing only dresses and skirts

Jennifer Conn  email   (May 31st 2003)
I was wondering for those who wear headcoverings, how do your hair underneath?? Also, do yous believe in not cutting your hair at all or do yous get it trimmed. How do you keep your hair from getting so many split and damaged ends? Also, for those who practice modest dressing, what do you typically wear to bed, a nightgown or pants?? What is right or what advice to you have on that?? Is it ok to wear shorts/pants when no one else is there or should we wear only skirts,dresses, and nightgowns? If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it. Also, does anybody happen to have a used or new headcovering that they would be willing to sell or give to me? I am only 17 and I dont get much money and i really feel convicted to covering....well thanks for your time.....jennifer**

Jennifer Conn  email   (May 30th 2003)
I am a 17 year old pentecostal girl, and i have been recently convicted of modest dressing,not cutting my hair, no makeup/jewelery, and covering, but I dont know what kind of covering to get or how to do my hair underneath and to keep the headcovering in place. Could someone please help me out?? Any encouraging advice. Who wears a prayercovering and when do you wear it? Is it ok to wear it all the time?? I feel scared to start since i am in high school, but i really feel God wants me to do this. please someone respond. Thank you And God bless!! Jennifer**

Jennifer Conn  email   (May 30th 2003)
I am a 17 year old pentecostal girl, and i have been recently convicted of modest dressing,not cutting my hair, no makeup/jewelery, and covering, but I dont know what kind of covering to get or how to do my hair underneath and to keep the headcovering in place. Could someone please help me out?? Any encouraging advice. Who wears a prayercovering and when do you wear it? Is it ok to wear it all the time?? I feel scared to start since i am in high school, but i really feel God wants me to do this. please someone respond. Thank you And God bless!! Jennifer**

Jennifer Conn  email   (May 29th 2003)
what religion are you?? how do you know what is the right type of headcovering?? I am a 17 year old pentecostal who wants to add the modesty dress,no makeup/jewelery and headcoverings to my beliefs...but i dont know where i should get my headcovering or what type of headcovering to get?? any advice.....also how should you wear your hair under the headcovering??

thank you
God bless

Lashonda Long  email   (May 27th 2003)
Thank God!! someone still believe in modesty. I was getting terribly depressed searching for non-masculine feminine skirts. Don't never change your style;-)

First Corinthians  email Homepage  (May 16th 2003)
Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to El with her head uncovered?

stephanie c.  email Homepage  (May 13th 2003)
its so exciting that other women out there have felt led to begin covering thier heads. i am enjoying the site! keep up the good work

June Parker  email   (May 12th 2003)
Hello I tried to send you and email earlier so if you get two disreguard.
Anyway yesterday after prayer and during my supplication period I had a thought about "Why do catholic's wear covering?" Its been on my mind troubling me now for quite some time I one minute think that "yes!" its God saying to me wear a covering on my head the next minute or day I think but why, its to hot, its 21 century, what will peole think, this is of Satan and on and on. So I set out today to find the answer and I plugged in many different topics searching until I came across yours. If you have any more books or material please send e-mail saying so and I will send back my address. Thanks

K. Gray     (May 6th 2003)
Your site is so lovely and I visit it often. I am a United Pentecostal teen. I only ever wear ankle-length skirts and have a hard time finding skirts that are modest and haven't any slits. I do not headcover, however, and I am curious as to why so many other fundamentalist Christians deem it necessary to do so, when 1 Corinthians 11:15 states, "But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." So by wearing caps, aren't you in essence really covering your covering? Just a thought... still love your site and visiting it often! Love & Prayers to all of my Sisters in Christ. :)

Rachel  email   (May 6th 2003)
Love the skirts! I have a hard time finding long skirts, I'll be ordering some:)

Catherine  email   (April 22nd 2003)
I am preparing to have a Tea Ministry and I will be covering hair care in one of these teas. I am interested in the hot oil treatment you mention on your conditioning and protection page. Do you have specific measurements for the suggested oil treamtent or do you sell or know of any place that has a kit of these oils for these deep conditioning oil treatments.

Do you have any poems regarding hair care I could share?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Darla Bowes  email   (April 17th 2003)
Thank you for your site and your mission. I haved learned alot! I feel compelled to cover and grow hair long. Pray for me and my family as I will yours. God bless you.

Paul   email   (April 14th 2003)
I've learned much about hair care from this site and the links...Thank You!

Lisa Wadin  email Homepage  (April 10th 2003)
I just receieved my first headcovering and snood today and they were just lovely and I was so thankful for them. I am eternally grateful and will always shop with you. God bless and thanks again!
in bloom in Him,
Mrs. Wadin

Kim  email   (April 10th 2003)
Received my headcoverings today and I'm thrilled with them. Thank you so much!!! God Bless You!!!!

Kim  email   (April 10th 2003)
Received my headcoverings today and I'm thrilled with them. Thank you so much!!! God Bless You!!!!

Ben Smith  email Homepage  (April 8th 2003)
Dear Brethren,
My family and I are from and INDEPENDENT BAPTIST background and started practicing a more plain and simple lifestyle three years ago. After hearing the Godly Home Series by Denny Keneston at Charity Fellowship we were lead by the Lord to live this way. My wife has worn a covering ever since. We just wanted to put a note in here for other brethren from an INDEPENDENT BAPTIST background to drop us line if you are experiencing having a hard time finding a place to fellowship. We may not be able to do much, but we would like to be able to perhaps find others who are like us in other areas of the country so we could recommend places to go. If you know a plain type church (head coverings, modest plain dress, etc.) that people of Baptist doctrine would be comforable at please let us know. The problem we have found is that many churches may be modest in attire, even a head covering, but have worldly practices, i.e., worldly entertainment ( t.v., music, etc.) We feel that covering ( a sign of humility and submission under Christ) and these practices are contrdictery. It is also important to take a strong stand on the Word of God, the King James Version in particular. New versions cannot stand the test of accuracy and have been condemned by great men of God for many years, but modern trends of toleration of all things seems to water down strong stands on anything. May the Lord bless you as you seek His face and will.
Ben Smith

Nancy Canu  email   (March 31st 2003)
Lovely caps.

Cynthia Washington  email   (March 29th 2003)
I have enjoyed visiting your website today. Thank God for your ministry. It is encouraging to know that other sisters are considering the veiling issue. I have never worn the covering and only one sister where I attend wears it. I would like to make a small Amish-style prayer cap with a short band and pleated, fitted bowl on the back of organdy in various colors. It is hard to be different in a non-Christian community and marriage. Please pray for me.

C. Washington

Sam  email Homepage  (March 27th 2003)
Head covering is good in most of the world, me don't really hard to understand in whic whay that happens in the other sides.

Darlene Cooke  email   (March 27th 2003)
your web site is beautiful and just looking at it makes me feel good about me>
i am a grandmother of elevin and I thank you again>
Darlene Cooke 55 Church St
Los Gatos Ca

Darlene Cooke  email   (March 27th 2003)
your web site is beautiful and just looking at it makes me feel good about me>
i am a grandmother of elevin and I thank you again>
Darlene Cooke 55 Church St
Los Gatos Ca

sand johnson  email   (March 27th 2003)
Your sight is so feminine and
beautiful, but most of all
encouraging. I have been
studying God's word for a while
and I look forward to wearing
a veil soon please pray that
my husband and I will be in
agreement and church family
will not be offended.
I don`t want to come off like
I know something they don`t.
God bless and thank you

Miss. Amanda C. Misner  email   (March 25th 2003)
Thanks for this site. I only wish I'd gotten in the habit while still a child, or at least early on in college. It is so hard to change my ways now. But I am glad to see your site, and very glad to find an OT (proverbs 31) support for our covering out heads.

HAIR ALTERNATIVES SALON  email   (March 20th 2003)
EAST STROUDSBURG,PA 18301...FAX 570 426-1499

DAVID P. BLACK  email   (March 17th 2003)

Laura A Siskin  email   (March 7th 2003)
I am interested in getting a head covering catalog. Please send me information about receiving one. Thank you Laura

Gloria  email   (March 3rd 2003)
A lovely website very much needed by those of us who have returned to our traditional religious communities such as my pre-Vatican II (not in communion with Rome) traditional Latin rite Catholic church. Thank you. What you represent here for all of us of any denomination is a service so needed in this new age of disrespectful and immodest feminism.

Steva   email Homepage  (February 26th 2003)
I realy like your site, simple and nice. The lettering was a little hard to read, but other then that, everything was realy quiet nice. :)

Marilyn Pisani  email   (February 22nd 2003)
The Lord recently opened my eyes to the need to cover, Thank you for your lovely web page!

Jesica Brown  email Homepage  (February 18th 2003)
Cool Web Site. I really enjoyed the visit, and hope to come back soon.

Cheryl Waldbuesser   email Homepage  (February 18th 2003)
I found your beatiful pages while looking for crocheted patterns for head coverings for a friend that is an appostilic (sp?) . C.

Uvonda  email   (February 15th 2003)
I am looking for something that can condition my hair, it is weak and dry, plus it has stoped growing and is falling out

Raelynn fitzwater  email   (February 11th 2003)
I would like to know if there is a cataloge available. My computers grafics are all messed up so I was hoping to get a catalog. I can e-mail my mailing adress to you when you respond.

Raelynn Fitzwater  email   (February 11th 2003)
very nice site!!! I have been studing different writings about headcoverings. I feel the lord calling me to cover my head. but I have a fear that you could suport me in prayer. I am kind of affraid to aproch my sweet husband and woundered if any one had any encouragement or Ideas to help me in this. I want to have his blessing.
Also, does anyone fear that their husbands will enjoy the beauty that others fluant, while the wife is all covered from "head" to ankle.

Fern     (February 9th 2003)
I thought your visitors would like to know the Scripture which instructs women to cover their heads, and men to remain uncovered. It's in I Corinthians 11:

1 Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.
2 Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me in all things, and keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to you.
3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.
4 Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head.
5 But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven.
6 For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.
7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.
8 For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man.
9 Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.
10 For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels.
11 Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.
12 For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman; but all things of God.
13 Judge in yourselves: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered?
14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?
15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.
16 But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.

Sylvia A. Bales  email   (February 8th 2003)
Some very lovely and feminine coverings!

Lydia Hubbell  email   (February 7th 2003)
Delighted with the "sinple Beauty " covering and my crocheted snood. First time I have bought a snood that seemed "right"

Joy A Parson  email   (January 29th 2003)
I wonder if you had ever considered making maternity versions of your wonderful skirts?

Lisa  email Homepage  (January 26th 2003)
Love your site ! !

Lisa Rosenberg
Your Source 4 BLOOMERS

K. Gray  email   (January 26th 2003)
Your site is so beautiful!! I just love viewing it. I myself don't practice headcovering, but I do live out 1 Corinthians 11 by not cutting my hair for any reason. I also do not wear pants, and I just feel almost at home when I visit this website!! And I also wanted to inform you that the little thing to click on the side for "Skirts" doesn't work. Thanks for your time! :)

Leiah Elbaum   Homepage  (January 26th 2003)
What a pretty site,
your modest skirts and headcoverings are of interest
to women of many faiths looking for appropriate dress
in an age when "anything goes". I look forward to seeing your full range of skirts.

Cindy Andrews  email   (January 26th 2003)
What a beautiful website! Do you have catalogs available? Several ladies where I worship wear head coverings and we have been looking for a place to order new ones. The place we used to get ours from no longer carries them. If you do, pleas send me one at 108 Sunnyside Lane, Columbia, TN 38401. Thank you for your time and interest in what is just as important a command as any other!

Michelle  email   (January 26th 2003)
I'm not covering my head--yet(?)--but I have thought about it off and on. I don't even cover and I feel so much pressure to not do it by the people I'm around. I won't wear pants anymore and the friend I live with and her daughter think this is very weird. But I must obey the Lord. Perhaps I came upon this wonderful website for a reason? Time and prayer will tell. God bless all you women who have the courage to go ahead and cover, and the creator(s) of this site!

Nancy Susan Gordon  email   (January 24th 2003)
Very nice site!!
Do you have a catalog of all your head coverings?
Please send catalog to the above person at
7000 Sycamore Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64133
phone no. is 816-353-3602 Thank You!!

Pippi  email   (January 20th 2003)
love your page, very informative and caring site, found it in my search for bonnets, I have always been drawn to headcoverings and just thought I was odd... now I know I am not the only one! I have been practicing headcovering at least outside my home and find it a great reminder in daily life that there is someone I am here for and to watch my actions and words inside and out! And the scripture on the front page was what I flipped to in a book just yesterday... prov. 3.5+6. One can not ignore the signs.

Season Taft  email   (January 17th 2003)
I have never heard of wearing head coverings before. Then I was introduced to the concept and I am praying that I understand what I need to do about it! I want to be in God's will. I don't know if I should start wearing them for prayer only or all the time. I have not taken that step to wear them yet, please pray for me!! I would love to hear wisdom from a sister on this! I would be the only one that I know that would be wearing one, it makes me kind of nervous.

Your Sister in Jesus

Cheryl Watson  email   (January 9th 2003)
Thank you for your site. I am searching for asnwers. You've made me more aware.

ANGELA S. LAWWILL  email Homepage  (January 7th 2003)

Julie Molick  email   (January 6th 2003)
Thank you so much for the work you do in order to please our Father. It has been a recent conviction for me to cover when praying. I'm sure that God will make it known later if He wishes me to practice this all the time. Your site is beautiful, and your designs are lovely. May He bless your family as you seek His will!

kaylee lusson  email   (December 30th 2002)
Please pray for me to have the courage to take the first step to were a veil to my church. No one wears veils at the church I go too.

Davah Hoffman  email   (December 29th 2002)
Thank you for your web site, and your ministry of providing coverings, and the truth of why a woman should be veiled. Davah Hoffman

Teresa   email   (December 26th 2002)
I had tried to respond to Isabelle's posting but when I tried, the email address was not correct. If you're out there Isabelle, post you email address again and I'll try to write you. God Bless!

Isabelle  email Homepage  (December 8th 2002)
on the last sunday of november
i went to my friends chruch and they wore headcoverings. I asked why she said that it says in the bible. she showed the scriptures to me so i started to wear one then i asked my pastor if i was right and he said that our religion belives in the new testament and he said that woman don't have to wear them. Because if they did then woman could not work,drive, speak inpublic, ect. he also said that that belif was for the woman of the old testamentand since christ came we don't have to.so now i am confused, and i am not sure what to do.


Teresa Claypool  email Homepage  (December 7th 2002)
I ordered 2 of the crocheted snoods for adults and was wondering if you ever sell the pattern for it? I noticed all the patterns on the site were for the sewn ones. Thanks!

Sal  email   (November 24th 2002)
I enjoyed going thro this site & seeing the different types of head coverings. I was working on a research paper on head coverings in different religions and cultures. I was wondering if someone could e-mail me the verses in the bible or if they have any information I could use... I would greatly appreciate it ASAP and may the one and Only God guide us and bless us all.

Evelyn Fear  email   (November 18th 2002)
I'm a newly convicted headcovering wearer, and I really appreciate what you and some of the other ladies on the internet have come up with for people like me, who are new at this, and aren't great at sewing, either. god bless you. I have sent 3 orders to you, so far, haven't received any of them, as of yet, but I am really looking forward to them. I just KNOW, that they are going to be GREAT and bring glory to HIS NAME!!!!!!!!!

Holly Shell  email   (November 15th 2002)
I do not wear any headcovering, but am very interested in knowing why you do. I think they are lovely.

Esther McIntyre  email   (November 15th 2002)
Very nice web-site! I also believe in wearing a covering and I was very glad to see that someone else is spreading the message.

Keep up the good work!!

Esther McIntyre
P.S. You probably remember Pastor Ron McIntyre. He is my PawPaw.

Evelyn Karr  email   (November 9th 2002)
I can't wait for your MODEST CLOTHING. How about something on night gowns/robes? Thank you.

donna geraghty     (November 7th 2002)
i would like to find a head covering to cover up my bad case of nits.i have tried for years to get rid of them.thank the lord!!!!!!

Sandra  email   (November 5th 2002)
I wonder whether you could help me, please. I am looking for a headcovering that will cover all of my hair (or rather where the hair would normally be). I have lost over half of my hair and I feel rather embarrassed.
Thank you.

Mrs. Stone  email   (October 31st 2002)
I have recently moved into a new area..my husband has asked why the churches that I am visiting do not wear head coverings..I was going to a church that in the last three years started wearing coverings, at first I did it in obedience to my pastor, then conviction came. I feel there is more reasons to wear head coverings than we know. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have found you. I praise God for this. Your children faces reflect what I know ought to be. This is my goal for my daugthers and myself..to be virtous women. I am calling my old pastor to tell him what God has shown me. I was looking for information to better help me with explaining should I be asked why we are wearing head coverings. Thank you.

Dee  email   (October 27th 2002)
I am looking for a particular comb. It is about 7 inches long, has a rattail handle with thee rows of teeth combs. I have had this for years and would like to replace it if I could find any. My sister also would like a few of these combs. Can you help us find them?

Shannon Banty  email   (October 21st 2002)
How encouraging to know there are other women obeying God's word!!!

Yonit     (October 21st 2002)
Came across this site, and have for sometime trying to understand the biblical reasoning for headcovering. Messiah truly has been dispensing His true relvelation to me that it is biblical to wear a headcovering, and I enjoyed the testmony page, that if a woman is sumitted to her husband he will be won over without words, and that I know is a testimony yet to come in my household. Being in obediance to Yahweh is only to be blessed as a daughter in Him. Thanks for this site, and I will be back to check out all the more I need. Blessings to you all sisters,

Caroline  email Homepage  (October 20th 2002)
Thank you so much for this website! I have been looking for a long time for a place to purchase simple and beautiful headcoverings!

Maria Daroczy  email   (October 18th 2002)
Thank you for an extensive and VERY enjoyable website!!! However, since I am trying to grow my hair out and find practical ways of wearing it without damaging my hair, I would personally enjoy pictures of how you wear your hair throughout the day. Also, it might be helpful to show pictures of various ladies wearing some of the more interesting head coverings (just a suggestion). Thank you.

Shannon     (October 18th 2002)
My 86 year old grandmother, who always used to say that the "covering" mentioned in Corinthians was a woman's hair (why then did she wear her 'covering' short and curly?) has become convicted over the last few years that she should cover for prayer. She doesn't like receiving holiday/birthday gifts, but I think she really would enjoy some of the simpler coverings like the doily type. Something she could leave at table or tuck into her purse. Now she usually covers with a napkin when in public, or uses her hands. I had been thinking of this when I found a link to your website. Now I've found an idea that will be a blessing to give and I hope Grandma will be blessed to receive. I'll be back soon, hopefully able to order. Thank you for your ministry!

Janet Ellen Shen  email Homepage  (October 16th 2002)
the Beauty of women who are submissive. May the Lord name be praise.

Jean  email   (October 14th 2002)
I'm looking for patterns for both head coverings & modest dress. Also I know it's nearly winter now so this won't apply, but in the spring & summer months, does modest dress mean that our arms need be covered, or can we wear sleevless dresses?

Amy  email   (October 4th 2002)
It's great to see such a varied collection--- there's no excuse for not finding something that suits you/your husband.
As to hair care, there is a book out called "Curly Girl" which addresses the specific needs of women with curly hair (how to clean it, style it, dry it, etc. If I get a chance, I will summarize it and send the summary to you.
I thank my Mennonite friends for teaching me to cover myself.

Isis Lynch  email   (September 30th 2002)
What lovely web pages! Isis

Kelly Hunter  email   (September 30th 2002)
I am a christian mom and would like to know if anyone have any suggestions on some biblical reference books on teaching a 9 yr old about "the birds and the bees", ie: Puberty? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

sommer  email   (September 25th 2002)
i am intrested in know the cause of hair dying. like the harsh chemicals and what they do to your hair any statistics. thanx

Rebecca Sup  email   (September 21st 2002)
Thank you so much for this service/ministry. I started wearing headcoverings 7 years ago after strong conviction. However, I have neither family nor church members who wear headcoverings, so I have been confounded by what my options could be. You have solved that problem with this website and your skillful sewing. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my order of new headcoverings! Praise God for your hard work!

ANGELA S. LAWWILL     (September 18th 2002)

Audrey Burman  email   (September 17th 2002)
Thank you for offering head coverings. I have crocheted a couple for myself, but am always interested in something new.

Colleen Gleason  email   (September 10th 2002)
I have recieved many compliments about my eyelet mob cap especially from people who had appeared confused or against my covering. Thank you so very much for the quality or you work.

Amy Patrick  email   (September 6th 2002)
I found your sight quite by accident but I feel God led me to it. I have never thought of headcovering before, though I have been a christian for many years. In my area we have alot of german apostolic believers and I attributed headcovering mainly to their religion...but I am extremely intrigued and researching some of the bible references given...please pray that if God is calling me to do this I will be obedient and couragous in it...thank you for your site...Amy

michelle wright  email   (August 30th 2002)
hello thank you so very much for all the valuable onfo from your website i to am prayfully considering a covering although my situation may be different from others you see im a believer in the teachings of jesus and what the word tells us, but my husband is not a christian and i dont think he really understands why i feel lead to cover so if you pray please consider me in them thank you again good day

John Shields  email   (August 26th 2002)
Dear readers,
The subject of the Lordship of Christ, is one that believers can't ignore especially in prayer.

I took a quick look through and am very interested, as piety and modesty is missing out of modern christianity.

I can only encourage you not to be ashamed of being covered, "especially in prayer" on this subject.

Yours sincerly,a brother in our Lord Jesus Christ, john shields

Mrs. Rebekah McHolm     (August 22nd 2002)

Thank you your sight has provided so much encouragement for me. Its nice to know I'm not alone in my conviction of headcovering. It has also provided some much appreciated information for my husband in the resource area. THANKS!!!!!

Mary Beth      (August 11th 2002)
I have enjoyed reading all of the comments posted recently. Bravo to my sisters who make SMHC a needed blessing and thriving ministry to God's ladies all over the world! I love you dearly! :)

tammy mcclean  email   (August 10th 2002)
I am in search of 1 yard of liliac gingham for my grandmother who is making a quilt for my daughter. If we can purchace some please email me back. thanks tammy

Deborah Huntley  email Homepage  (August 2nd 2002)
I love your web pages. I've sent my daughter your address,also. Thank you for all the beautiful peices to choose from. You have blessed me so.

Jodi  email   (July 30th 2002)
Thank you so much for this site. It has really blessed me to read the testimonies of different women and their "journeys" to wearing head-coverings. I am just beginning mine. If Kate, who wrote the testimony entitled "Becuase of the angels" is reading this, could you e-mail me and tell me the name of the book you were talking about? My e-mail is "snappyjo@yahoo.com". Thank you!
Jodi Jory
Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada

Robin Lopiccolo  email   (July 21st 2002)
Thank you for your site. As a new christian I am searching for Gods truth about head coverings. This has been great for me. My husband is not too sure about this but I feel it pressing on my heart. I would love to know more about it and what tyoe of church you and your family attend.

Paulina Miner  email   (July 10th 2002)
The Jewish snood is really LOVELY. Covers the hair, looks very very pretty on me. Thank you!!!!

Iris Cox  email   (July 8th 2002)
Bless you all! I was delivered from a life of sin and found myself walking with the Lord, seeking holiness--even before I had read the Word! Covering my head full time every day with a long strip of silk wound around and around seemed absolutely to this "nazarite" period of sanctification! But how bizarre it was to all around me! Since then I no longer where it but continue to hear the Lord speak to me to "cover your head" --just yesterday my husband and I prayed over 1Cor 11 seeking the Lord. Today I found your website! Do you have a printed catalog you could mail me? Thank you so much ! IRIS COX
5763 St George Avenue
Crozet VA 22932
I AM LOOKING FOWARD TO YOUR writing on MODEST DRESS as it is a huge problem in the worldly church we go to! Specifically I also heard from the Lord his grief over sunbathing and the sensuality of suntanning and swimsuits -- especially exposing men and women to each other's bodies--although He told me that bathing was ok for the little children. I prayed to find a swimsuit acceptable to him--and for weeks sat on the beach fully covered as my little ones swam about. Any bathing or swimsuit thoughts?
Bless you and bless you again!
I weep to find you all in this worldly world! God is good!

Mackenzie   email   (July 5th 2002)
Hi! I'm almost 15 and thinking about covering. I'm Catholic, so it's not a requierment, but I think that perhaps it is Christ's Will for me. I have been covering for church for about two or three years now, and am starting to wonder about continueing it 'out side the church'. Here's a problem I have...I donated my hair to a non-profit organazation that makes wigs for childeren with cancer...thus my hair is rather short right now. (just past my ears!) I was wondering if anyone has a sugestion for a covering for short hair? I would really like the help! God bless!
~ Mackenzie

tarek  email Homepage  (July 3rd 2002)
i love you

Rochelle Mooney  email   (July 2nd 2002)
How do I order from you? You have a very lovely site. I am in need of white eyelet. Could you email me directions on how to order? Thank you.

Amber  email   (July 2nd 2002)
I am a christian and my boyfriend is mennonite, recently i have felt the lord call me to wear some sort of covering. It started out with just a simple beaded bun cover but now I am going to order the cameo as I seen his sister with one and I really liked it. I'm only 17 and everyone things that I am wierd or crazy or letting my boyfriend control me however that just isnt the case he doesn't even know that I am going to order the covering. I just pray that my mother will understand however I know that she will not, I jsut pray that she changes her ways.

Migwani  email   (June 27th 2002)

Deuteronomy 22:17
And, lo, he hath given occasions of speech against her, saying, I found not thy daughter a maid;
and yet these are the tokens of my daughter's virginity. And they shall spread the cloth before
the elders of the city.

Crystal Takac  email   (June 26th 2002)
I found this sight very useful to new headcovering ladies as my self. I am thankful of the wide variety of veilings and coverings, you offer, also the discriptions are very helpful.
Thanks so much, Crystal from Missouri.

Joyce  email   (June 20th 2002)
I,m so humbled by the knowledge that God is specking to His children about headcoverings. I have been a Christian for years and have never heard a teaching on them. I thought only the "Plain People" wore them. Lately, the Lord has been convicting me about wearing one. Pray that my husband will see the light.

Christine  email   (June 17th 2002)
It has been a while now that the Lord has been gently nudging me towards a covering. So, I am going to start with wearing a veil during my personal devotions. I know He will take it from there. Thank you for this site. I have been visiting it for a year.

Chelsea  email   (June 7th 2002)
Thank you so much for your ministry! The head coverings I have recieved have been very high quality, comfortable, and pretty.

Arnold  email Homepage  (May 30th 2002)
I like this web site. It looks nice.

Visit also http://dreampharm.com and look for Hair Million.


Tina Marie  email Homepage  (May 23rd 2002)
I've just recently been studying about the head covering, and I have been convicted to wear one. I felt completely lost on where to go from there, and then I found your site. Thank you so very much!

Becky  email Homepage  (May 11th 2002)
Thank you so much for this site. My husband and I have recently felt the call to headcovering. Your site is a great place to start. We will be placeing an order in the near future. Again, thank you for your ministry

Mary H. Maynor  email   (May 10th 2002)
Hi believe it or not I have been looking for the snood style net for months and found it on the head of a lady at the Central PA homeschool conventiion, she gave me your website and i have printed out the order and now will send it in the mail! Thanks Mary

Julie  email Homepage  (May 8th 2002)
I wonder if you could help me. I am looking for a complete head covering, allowing no sight of hair. Kind of like what the Hassidic/Jewish Women wear. I believe my hair should be completely hidden and have been making do with snoods. Please help if you can.
In Him,

Phoenix Hocking  email   (May 5th 2002)
As a person new to covering, I find that covering really does make a difference in how I behave, speak and even think. The covering reminds me that I am God's child as well as His servant, and everything I do and say reflects on Him. I find the snood works well for me at this time. I don't have to do a whole lot of explaining about it, but I know why I'm wearing it, and that's all that matters.

kanika   email   (April 23rd 2002)
I have enjoyed reading your site. I have recently read your page on extremely long hair. I currently have rather short hair and more recently, approximateley 3-4 years ago, I started losing the hair arond the edges. At this time, I began trying a product called Temple Balm by Organic Root Stimulator. Results are minimal. Perhaps you have some insight that may help. The Bible states that the glory of a woman is her hair and I would feel better walking therein.
May god Bless You and Your Ministry.

Melissa Moonshadow  email   (April 23rd 2002)
Thank you so much for this site. Thank you for your selection and I will be ordering. God bless you.

Wanda King  email   (April 22nd 2002)
Dear Ladies,

I want my husband and I to be
in God's will. I have to
admit to not being consistent
in headcovering for prayer,
that the passage of Scripture
is confusing to me. However,
I'm praying for my husband to
truly be given understanding
from the Lord about that passage
of Scripture and all the
others so we can be where God
wants us to be. He is like
most men about the style thing
and we do not go to a church
where headcovering is practiced.
For many years I didn't have
much hope about him ever going
to church ANYWHERE. Now he is
going to church and studying
the Bible. Not that I've been
so great, but I have hope for
our lives to be changed as
God wills in all areas. Ya'll
pray for us to that end, not
just about headcoverings;
there's so much more to it.

Best to all,

Nicole Johnson  email   (April 7th 2002)
I have been "wearing power on my head" for the past eight years. I don't sew very well and so I consider this site to be an answer to a prayer.

Becky  email   (April 4th 2002)
I am new to headcoverings and have just started wearing a mantilla style veil to church. I purchased mine at a local Christian bookstore, but you have a much better selection of styles and colors. Thanks for providing this service. ps. Mary Beth and Tricia might remember me from Indianapolis - Equip III.

Kathi Faulkner  email   (April 4th 2002)
Beautiful site. I just wish it was easier to print on cap design at a time. I am ordering for my Mother and need to show her pictures of just the ones she is interested in.

Donata     (March 27th 2002)
Just some helpful info.
Grace to you all.

Lyn      (March 25th 2002)
I have read the testimonies on your site as well as those of other women online and I am beginning to feel a conviction to cover. Thank you so much for providing information as well as coverings.

Bridget Marie Williams  email   (March 23rd 2002)
Thank the Lord for your site. I am the wife of a Primitive Baptist Elder and I have felt the conviction for some time to cover, But as so many others I am the only one that will be doing so. I love the variety that you have. Thanks for everything that you include. It has helped me more than you know!

Norman Gradwell  email   (March 11th 2002)
Dear Friends, I'm a reborn Christian since 1948. If this is the correct place to submit my unique testimony concerning headcovering, read on ! Well, it's all about submitting oneself to the Lord God, Most High & Holy. Having lived to 67yrs, I realise how privileged I am to be a child & v. willing slave of Christ Jesus, Merciful Master. He enlightened me by leading me to read the original edition of Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe". In it I was amazed to read that Robinson's shipwreck caused him to become a worshipper of God. He also led Friday to become a Christian....Now here's the important part. Friday, in total submission to Robinson, kneeled at his feet & placed one of Robinson's feet on his head. This contrite gesture has induced me, every morning during prayer, to prostrate myself before God & place His Holy Word over my head. Thus I plead for His Saving Blood to cover me & wash me clean of sin. Then I pray for His Holy Spirit to fill me as his cleansed vessel & use me each day in works that please Him, my Master, Jesus. The deeds I do are expressions of His vertical love directed sideways to all I meet; that's the cross of love, stained red with His blood.

Norman Gradwell  email   (March 11th 2002)
Dear Firends, I'm a reborn Christian since 1948. If this is the correct place to submit my unique testimony concerning headcovering, read on ! Well, it's all about submitting oneself to the Lord God, Most High & Holy. Having lived to 67yrs, I realise how privileged I am to be a child & v. willing slave of Christ Jesus, Merciful Master. He enlightened me by leading me to read the original edition of Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe". In it I was amazed to read that Robinson's shipwreck caused him to become a worshipper of God. He also led Friday to bec ome a Christian....Now here's the important part. Friday, in total submission to Robinson, kneeled at his feet & placed one of Robinson's feet on his head. This contrite gesture has induced me, every morning during prayer, to prostrate myself before God & place His Holy Word over my head. Thus I plead for His Saving Blood to cover me & wash me clean of sin. Then I pray for His Holy Spirit to fill me as his cleansed vessel & use me each day in works that please my Master, Jesus. The deeds I do are expressions of His vertical love directed sideways to all I meet; that's the cross of love, stained red with His blood.

norman gradwell  email   (March 11th 2002)
I'm new to cyberlanguage. What does URL mean ?
Also, I'd like to send you my testimony as it has special bearing on headcovering !

Tricia Jones  email Homepage  (March 4th 2002)
To those of you who have written in the past year or more, we will be adding your messages for all to read.



Thank you for visiting our pages. We would love it if you would Add to our guestbook. Names which are highlighted are hyperlinks to that person's website. Click on the name to go to the website.
I just placed my first order with you the other day and can hardly wait to receive it. Thank you so much for this service to all believers.
Wendy Moyer <wendysdolls@netzero.net>
Perkasie, PA USA - Tuesday, December 05, 2000 at 20:18:27 (EST)

I would like to write my testimony but I don't find the place in your site where I can do so. I don't have a web page. What should I do. It is not a very long one, yet I believe it will be of help to many women. May God continue to bless you in your ministry.
Please reply ASAP. Thank you.


Julie <lenicedione@yahoo.com>
USA - Friday, November 17, 2000 at 14:24:02 (EST)

My daughter Leah,and I began to wear coverings 3 years ago. I was convicted for about a year before that, to wear one every day, not just in the worship service. It took me that long to obey... Actually,One day my nine year old (at the time) Leah, put my covering on her head and began sweeping the floor, I looked over at her from my work, and my heart was broken, it made me realize how I had resisted my Father in heaven's loving guidance and had refused to obey him,as he had convicted me .Leah was thrilled to wear a covering all the time, she is a godly child who gives her all to the Lord's service,at home. Of course it honors my husband for me to wear it, and is a token of my submission to him.. also it is for the angels, and even though I don't know why it is for the angels, the Lord did indeed put that comment in scripture, so I believe it has some wonderful purpose to it...it is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that I obey him, and leave the results to him.. to tell you the truth, we have found unspoken blessings in wearing the covering. Unspoken, because there is a sense of joy that can not be expressed in obeying Him in thispraiseGod! I wear a covering that I made at home from a lace scarf. It is light and comfortable, and now very worn... I need to replace it but can't find the same kind of soft lace material that falls naturally. Another comment I'd like to add to my story is, the very day Leah and I began to wear a covering, I had to go over to my neighbor's for something, she also loves the Lord.. and she came to the door wearing a covering!! We had never discussed this subject with each other, nor had we known that either of us had been considering it! We praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for your web sight, we enjoy it. God Bless you! Sarah Winandy

Sarah Winandy <swinandy@pessenter.com>
Maple, WI. USA - Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 15:52:24 (EST)
I think that your sight is great! I'm looking for guidence as how to cover my head and your catelogue has given me food for thought. Thanks again.
Kristen Steeves <kdsteeves@hotmail.com>
Toronto, on Canada - Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 01:12:21 (EST)
Your Web-site is wonderful ! I truely enjoyed it ! Do you have a catalog that you can send me in the mail ? I was also wondering if you have things that you send out that are already made (Premade)? I am in my mid teens and am going to become Mennnite. So this site is quite intersesting to me. Please write to me !
Crystal <chykozoo@mhtc.net>
Rewey, WI USA - Tuesday, November 07, 2000 at 19:23:12 (EST)
Visit the site below to view my calling card! Your site is excellent!! God Bless you!!!

USA - Tuesday, October 31, 2000 at 23:35:57 (EST)
Thank you for your ministry. Lord willing I will be placing an order soon.
Lori Ann Woody <Quiverfil@aol.com>
Citrus Heights, CA USA - Monday, October 23, 2000 at 16:38:37 (EDT)
I am intersted in some of your patterns and I know another friend
who would also be interedted in purchasing patterns.
I would like a current copy of your catalog mailed to my home at
1460 Parkway Rathdrum, Id. 83858

Patrice Wheeler <patricewheeler@hotmail.com>
Rathdrum, Id USA - Monday, October 23, 2000 at 16:35:45 (EDT)
Praise God, for a virtuous woman is hard to find in today's world. Submitting to the Word of God is a must in our walk, and that includes 1 Corinthians 11. I truly encourage that we walk by faith and cover ourselves with His covering as well as the natural covering indicated in the scriptures. Thank you for a blessed work you are doing in the lives of women today.
Tambi Mazar <c_tmazar@yahoo.com>
Weirton, WV USA - Sunday, October 22, 2000 at 21:20:10 (EDT)
The Lord is convicting me daily on the use of headcoverings and I am having a hard time with this,But I know I must obey His command. Am gratful for websites on this subject so as to hear others have had the same convictions also. I would love to talk with someone aboutheadcoverings, I have no friends that support me,as a matter of fact I don't even know anyone who practices this! That is unbelievable to. Pray that God would give me strength to obey. I have a teenage daughter who thinks I am crazy,some days I even think I am crazy! But I can't stop thinking about this!! I read a verse yesterday that read"Anyone who is ashamed of Me or My Word I will be ashamed of Him in front of My Father and His Holy Angels" Prettyscarry! Please pray for me.
Dana <Dayner2000@aol.com>
pinson, al. USA - Friday, October 06, 2000 at 09:37:45 (EDT)
I was looking through my Patriaches Paths e-mails and saw your link and as the Lord is directing me in this way I was so happy to see your site. God bless you , you look like a wonderful family.
Mrs Joanne Lee <puzzlemaster@skybiz.com>
Rockhampton, QLD Australia - Tuesday, October 03, 2000 at 02:44:05 (EDT)
The Lord is working in my heart. Coverings is a new idea for me the past 3 days. I am afraid of what my church will think, but I know I must obey God. My husband will support my decision.
I thought it was interesting that when I first brought up the topic with my father, who is an elder in Christ's church, that his initial reaction was "I don't believe women are required to wear coverings." My dad does a lot of marriage counseling to heal broken families. We talked awhile and after I said, "Dad, what if the women of the church all wore coverings with the understanding that it was a symbol of their willingness to submit to their husbands? What would happen to our families and our children?" He thought for awhile, and said, I like it!

Thank you for your encouragement. Please pray for us, we are Latter Day Saints. (Not Utah Mormons though.)

Angela Coffman <coffmanfarms@netzero.com>
Independence, MO USA - Sunday, October 01, 2000 at 17:24:07 (EDT)
Great site, I love the roses. I look forward to receiving my order. Danell Pribis
Danell Pribis <danellpribis@hotmail.com>
Plattsburgh , NY USA - Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 13:54:53 (EDT)
Pr aise the Lord that I have found you. I need direction from other sister's in Christ for I to am searching this areaof my life
Peggy Hostetler <hostetler7@superpa.net>
Orrtanna, Pa USA - Friday, September 22, 2000 at 14:15:24 (EDT)
Praise the Lord for your site! !!!
peggy hostetler <hostetler>
orrtanna, pa USA - Friday, September 22, 2000 at 14:09:23 (EDT)

I found your site about head covering. Your site is very beautifully done.
The background is very lovely and I like it very much. I will certainly
go through your site. Keep up the good work for the Lord. I came from the church that practise Headcovering. Lord's blessing.

Yours in Christ,

Janet Ellen Shen <shenlan@eudoramail.com>
Singapore - Monday, September 18, 2000 at 10:33:30 (EDT)
I am so excited to find your site. The Lord has recently revealed headcovering to me along with a new style of garments. As I began tomake new patterns for garments and wear them, I realized I looked 'incomplete'. My Father took me directly to ICor. 11:5...and now, I am no longer complete. I have been researching different styles and look forward to seeing all you have to offer.

Elizabeth Fisher <we3rfish@netpath.net>
Burlington, NC USA - Tuesday, September 12, 2000 at 16:33:24 (EDT)
hello sisters,I`m catholic and i cover my hair with headscarves and bonnets since 2 years.my interests are the middleages.while i was visiting many medieval markets and read a lot about it,i discovered that women allways covered their hair in other centuries.this encouraged me to do it.but i`m very alone and often i hear prejudices because the peole thik it has to do with the islam when they see someone covered.that hurts.but fortunately not everyone think like this.maybe every 30.person.hanover is a 1 million town but this d0esn`t seem to be enough to be tolerant.I`m very thankful to know that the lord ordered headcovering.so i feel strong.what i need is soulmates,friendships and if the lord will give me a man for marriage(aged older than 50,but I`m 30).so please release me and write me from anywhere. isabele-mail:ribka7@yahoo.de
isabel <ribka7@yahoo.de>
germany, hannover - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 06:53:29 (EDT)
You have a beautiful site! We are in an Anabaptist-type church (Brethren)that has always wornheadcoverings. Unfortunately, some are losing their convictions in this area,desiring to look more 'normal', maybe? It's exciting to know others from many different denominations are finding the blessing in this practice! May God bless you richly in your service to Him.
McClave, CO USA - Tuesday, August 22, 2000 at 09:53:56 (EDT)
Enjoyed looking through the different styles. God bless!
Charlesa Karaki <karaki@characterlink.net>
Gladewater, TX USA - Thursday, August 10, 2000 at 12:23:01 (EDT)
Greetings from England. It is good to find you and I want to pray that the Lord increases your numbers and makes you bold to share your conviction when He leads you. This whole matter has to be won through prayer and intercession because it is a spirit of deception and pride and false doctrine that is preventing God's people obeying this simple instruction. It is very important to know that the Greek word for covering is not the same as the word used to say what long hair is. Long hair is as a mantle, and as a mantle of glory one might add.

Glory to God, Andrew

Andrew Chapman <riveroflife@btinternet.com>
Sunderland, England - Sunday, August 06, 2000 at 11:58:26 (EDT)
I received my coverings a couple of days ago. The caftsmanship is exquisite. The pin tucks in the English Day Cap create a simple elegance.
Your ministry is such a blessing to those who desire beautifully crafted coverings. My prayer is that someday
all Christian women will be moved by God's word and chose to cover their head.
I would love to here from others who have been lead to fulfill God's command. I feel as though I am the only one in our whole county(Brazoria County, TX). Feel free to email me.
In the matchless name of Jesus Christ,
Kathleen Sommers Vavich

Kathleen Sommers Vavich <kvavich@sat.net>
Angleton, TX USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 17:16:19 (EDT)
My husband told me about your sight. I thought I'd check it out. So here is where I started.
Tony Herrin <tonyherrin@hotmail.com>
Fort Valley, GA USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2000 at 23:29:28 (EDT)
I've enjoyed visiting this website very much. Our church has been wearing head coverings for about 20 years. God bless you!
Tessa P. <tlp61660@cs.com>
Weirton, WV USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2000 at 20:04:34 (EDT)
Wonderful site!!! I really appreciate the resouces. Thank you.
Ann Herman <annie@systec.com>
New York, N.Y. USA - Friday, July 14, 2000 at 13:53:39 (EDT)

I am myself a Muslim woman and I was delighted to see that others are covering as well. I cover from head to toe. But a tiny scarf is a good start. :)

May God bless you for all your efforts on doing the right thing. Amiin.

Nazaahah bint Riitta <possu@hotmail.com>
-, - USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 13:25:25 (EDT)
My daughter and I have enjoyed looking at your website. We are hoping to order headcoverings soon.
Mrs. Kate Thompson <katesphoto@msn.com>
Yorktown, VA USA - Sunday, June 25, 2000 at 16:16:28 (EDT)
I dearly loved your site but I was looking for a stylish
hairnet. We are made to wear one at work in our produce store
and everyone looks so bad, could you please make a stylish
hairnet for us to look better.It does have to cover most of
the hair so hair does not get into food and it needs to be
light weight and airy.Men also have to wear them, even on their
beard.I would like for the womens to be stylish. See what you
can do for all of us working women. Would like to know if
the snook one you make would work or would our hair escape.

sharon Overly <overmetz@ecr.net>
Mt.Vernon, Oh USA - Saturday, June 24, 2000 at 23:27:21 (EDT)
I had no idea anyone was promoting head coverings on the web. It's encouraging to see your conviction when so many in churches that used to practice this doctrine are discarding it. May God bless your effort for His glory.
Marvin E. Yoder <milmaryoder@cs.com>
Meyersdale, PA USA - Sunday, June 18, 2000 at 21:06:31 (EDT)
I am very interested in the traditional solid mantilla.I hope you are having success in finding a new source. I have had little on my own.I will keep checking back. Good luck!
wi USA - Monday, June 12, 2000 at 18:47:04 (EDT)
Hello! Thanks for putting up photos of yr. family. This website is beautifully done. I enjoyed reading the comments from Muslims and the British guy who wears a tweed cap. Have you noticed the recent retro fad -- bandanas & scarves, for sale? I have seen them in stores such as Claire's, but I haven't seen many females wearing them.

Christine T. Gallagher <christine_gal@yahoo.com>
Terrell, TX USA - Friday, June 09, 2000 at 00:53:03 (EDT)
As of yesterday (6/7/00) I subscribed to the Internet and am being blessed with loads of info. on the subject of head-coverings I've been praying to find! Would also like to find Mennonites in area to ask questions to.
Kathy Baker <kbaker@duo-county.com>
columbia, KY USA - Thursday, June 08, 2000 at 16:32:03 (EDT)
Hi There,
Very interested in your headcovering habits, I too wear head dress (but obviously not in church.
Why not check out http://www.tweedcap.co.uk

bainesy <anenglishgentleman@tweedcap.co.uk>
Edinburgh, Scotland - Friday, June 02, 2000 at 06:06:42 (EDT)
Just checking the status of my order, couldn't find any other place to check?! Sure am looking forward to receiving them - my own attempts at making some have been quite hilarious, much to my poor husband's dismay. He is as anxious as I am for me to get your coverings!
janice schmidtz <cjschmidtz@angelfire.com>
three Hillls, ab canada - Monday, May 22, 2000 at 00:30:58 (EDT)
I have been looking and looking for help on this subject. I surely will be ordering from you. Thanks.

Susan Vanek <bjsrcol@aol.com>
Wiggins, Co USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 23:40:22 (EDT)
Greetings from Kentucky! I recently started going to a mennonite church and love it there. I really like your website. Most people ignore Paul's orders for the woman to be veiled when sheprays;however, I am not going to! I was looking for the same nap that the ladies in the area church wear. It is a white covering. It almost looks like the shaker net hats except its thicker. I would be happy with just a plain white large covering like that- it wouldn't have to be the same material. I also need a black sun bonnet. please let me know if you can make these. I will pay you for making them! God Bless!
Teresa Phillips <myturn@hotmail.com>
Lawrenceburg, ky USA - Saturday, May 06, 2000 at 15:46:17 (EDT)
Asalaam Aliekum ("Peace be with you")I didn't know that
there are so many Christians & Jews who wanted to cover like
us Muslims. The only Christians who covered like us(that
I'm in contact with) are from Africa, and the Middle East.
It's wonderful that more women are realizing that modest
dress (any style) is correct. I know your coverings are not
like our Hijab (body covered, except face and hands)but it's
a great start! Muslim women cover because God told us so.
Not because men tell us too!(Some people here in the U.S.
still think that!)
You have a very nice, and pretty site. Hopefully, our two
great faiths will come to understand each other better
through the women of our faiths. We are the teachers of our
children, and the backbone of the family. May God bless you
and your family with happiness and peace always.
My Salaams to you, Melissa
Note: Please forgive the long signing: Also, just FYI:
When your hear the word, "ALLAH", it simply means,"The God",
in Arabic. Arabic speaking Jews and Christians, along with
Muslims of every background (language) uses this word, when
speaking of their Creator. Blessings upon all.

Melissa Mezynski
Raleigh, NC USA - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 19:09:18 (EDT)
Dear Jones Family,
I know that you probably don't remember me, but oh how I remember you. We use to live in Pensacola/Milton and homeschooled our family. My husband (Floyd) and I attended on of your bread making classes in your home oh about 6 years ago. I wanted so much to ask you then about the covering but did not want to offend you in anyway.
We moved to Georgia about 4 years ago and have meet a wonderful family here that wear the covering. We are considering it for our family and we are looking up all the information that we can find.
How thrilled my heart is to know that you have this website and that you are encouraging others in this way.
May the Lord bless you and continue to shine upon you.
In Christ,
Kathy Murray

Kathy Murray <femurray@iname.com>
LaFayette, Ga USA - Friday, April 28, 2000 at 14:24:09 (EDT)
What a wonderful website! A friend (who felt convicted by my head covering to wear her own)sent your address to me. Thanks for the support and encouragement this site is! There are only 2 of us at our church right now!
Linda Muzzey <dlmuzzey@juno.com>
Orlando, FL USA - Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at 23:45:54 (EDT)
We are Catholics and my husband has recently asked me be cover my head in church as we used to according to 1Cor.
I am most happy to do so and now am looking for mantillas.

Susie Goodart <goodartfarm@msn.com>
Paola, Ks USA - Saturday, April 22, 2000 at 13:55:17 (EDT)
This is such a wonderful website!! It's so wonderful to find a site full of information and resources that mirror my beliefs. I'm 18 and it's difficult getting so many questions about why my hair is so long and why I wear a kerchief. Thank you for this website!! I hope that God continues to Bless your lives. Best wishes from a sister in Christ, Laura. :)
USA - Friday, April 21, 2000 at 00:26:10 (EDT)
Thank you for proving that 1400 years of Islamic teachings
is correct after all... :)
Nice website by the way... :)

Raziamizan Ramli <hunterkiller49@yahoo.com>
Washington, DC USA - Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 06:11:45 (EDT)
very nice web page, and your family looks very harmony, nice to get to know all of you
USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 00:02:54 (EDT)
I love your site. I am also looking for a netted snood with lining inside like the kind I brought back from Israel. If you can help please let me know. Thank you and God Bless.
Monica Barba <brneyes69@juno.com>
Grand Prairie, Texas USA - Monday, April 17, 2000 at 13:33:28 (EDT)
I would enjoy knowing what church you attend. I very much would like to touch base I am looking for a home church that has many of the beliefs that I do. PLEASE Respond it would mean so much to me
Carla Adams <carly1961@yahoo.com>
Deltona , Fl USA - Monday, April 10, 2000 at 10:28:05 (EDT)
what a beautiful site! thank you. I am just getting started wearing a covering, and look forward to receiving some lovely ones. God bless your work and ministry.
janice schmidtz <cjschmidtz@angelfire.com>
three hills, alberta, canada - Saturday, April 08, 2000 at 17:31:22 (EDT)
Am very blessed to find this site.
Barbara Brown <backachers@cot.net>
Macdoel, Ca. USA - Saturday, April 08, 2000 at 13:07:55 (EDT)
Thank you for this wonderful website!
Annette <matushka1@iname.com>
USA - Friday, April 07, 2000 at 23:32:18 (EDT)
Your website is very pretty!
I haven't bought any of your headcoverings or patterns, yet, but I plan to when I save up some of my money. (I am only 13).
Your catalog and website are very helpful in describing headcoverings, and I like the pictures!!
Thank you!
Elissa <><

NE USA - Wednesday, April 05, 2000 at 18:33:10 (EDT)
Thanks for the great site. Looking forward to my order. I also love your testimony pages. They were so helpful to me!! God Bless, Susie
Susie Harris <Titus2wife@juno.com>
Smithfield, NC USA - Tuesday, April 04, 2000 at 17:11:07 (EDT)
A very beautiful website you have!! I am currently searching for information on Christian based homeschooling for a presentation I need to give in my 'working with parents and families' college course. I will be making a list of websites for my classmates and I will be thrilled to add this one to my list! God Bless!
kathy landry <kathleen.landry@mail.caps.maine.edu>
lewiston, me USA - Saturday, April 01, 2000 at 10:42:26 (EST)
What a blessing your website and catalog are! I cannot wait to see the spring catalog and place an order. You lovely ladies provide such a valuable service to those of us newly covering our heads. My daughter and I have been convicted of this, but didn't know where to turn until we ran into your sight several months ago. You have a wonderful variety of lovelyveilings--thank you for all of your hard work and creativity. Thank you for making it easier for us to be obedient to our Lord! =)

I noticed some of the other ladies posted "lonely" notes--I too am alone in this practice here. Not only do people not wish to obey this--but the idea is fairly laughable to many of them... So sad. Sometimes, in following Christ, we do occupy a lonely place, but His approval is our prize. Feel free to e-mail me--I am learning, too.

Judy Peach <jpeach@ccnmail.com>
Moyock, NC USA - Wednesday, March 15, 2000 at 18:52:44 (EST)
Dear Friend in Christ, thanks for having such a wonderful site. Please keep up the good work. God Bless You!!!
Genish Terry <genish@genishenterprises.com>
Oakland, CA USA - Sunday, March 12, 2000 at 04:10:20 (EST)
I just love this beautiful website and visit whenever I need some encouragement about covering, or just a boost! There are very few headcoverers here, and I often feel a little lonely! So anyone who wants to chat, feel free to email! Keep up the great work to the Jones sisters, what a blessing you are. I plan to order some of your coverings as soon as I can convince my hubby that I need more! :o)
Krista <DanKrista3@aol.com>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2000 at 23:07:15 (EST)
I love your website. It's very beautiful, and encouraging. I really appreciate the hair care tips. I had been having trouble with my hair, but hopefully I can change that with these tips. God bless you for the work you are doing!!
Melanie <mbeachy@lightdog.com>
Kokomo, In. USA - Wednesday, March 01, 2000 at 15:19:07 (EST)
Your coverings are beautiful!
Jennifer Stine <jestine11@juno.com>
USA - Sunday, February 27, 2000 at 15:45:06 (EST)
I recently ordered from your web page! and cannot wait to receive my veils. I have looked far & wide for head coverings and this is by far the best site. God Bless
Pam Arnold <PArnold924@aol.com>
Centreville, VA USA - Thursday, February 24, 2000 at 12:28:09 (EST)
I want to let you know how much I have been blessed by your site and the links that are provided! I am especially inspired by the testimonies. I have printed a few of them and have shared them with some of the sisters in my Church. Thank you and God bless...Sister Susan
Susan Meholick <stnick@penn.com>
DuBois, PA USA - Tuesday, February 22, 2000 at 07:56:36 (EST)
This site has blessed my soul. We are the only church in our area who pratice the head covering. I was beginning to think we were all alone.
Sherry H. Christian <virgilc@intrstar.net>
Whieville,, NC USA - Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 14:59:46 (EST)
I enjoyed my visit here. I have been here several times but I dont think I have ever signed urguestbook. I have been wearing headcovering for 1 year now and full-time since last Aug. It has been a blessing although with some odd moments.
Washington, Dc USA - Friday, February 11, 2000 at 08:37:50 (EST)
What a beautiful page and wonderful ministry! I will probably be one of your next customers!! :o) May God bless your precious family!
Rebekah Castleberry <rcastle@firedept.net>
Willow Creek, CA USA - Thursday, February 10, 2000 at 14:46:07 (EST)
We got our coverings order and they are BEAUTIFUL.
Thanks for your great service.

Mary Sturges <Mary@sturges.org>
Swansea, SC USA - Friday, January 28, 2000 at 13:49:25 (EST)
Thank you for the wonderful web site and ministry. I'll be ordering from you soon!
Jenni Gould <jgould@prodigy.net>
Black Diamond, WA USA - Tuesday, January 18, 2000 at 15:40:36 (EST)
We are studing the headcoverings in our church, and I was not exactly pleased
with this; however, all the information here (and other resources), has
really enlightened me, and helped me to further understand God's word. I
have to say even though I really did not understand, I acted in obedience and
faith, that the Pastor is a "Man of God" and would never lead his flock into
anything against the "Word of God." For this I love him and thank him for
his understanding of God's word. "He leadeth me in the path of righteousness
for His name sake."

Pamela Mtichell
Orlando, FL USA - Monday, January 17, 2000 at 20:51:26 (EST)
WhenI first read 1st Cor. 11 it took me about one week of real searching to
make the decision to wear a head covering. What it finally came down to was
if I decided not to wear one I knew within my soul that I would be
disobeying Gods plan for my life. As soon as I submitted I borrowed a scarf
from my husbands grandmother and tied it on my head. After that I had a dear
friend make a covering using a cloth sewed onto a headband. My family and I
have since become members of a Mennonite church and now I wear what must
"wordly" peaople would consider a "doiley". I really like your different
styles. My daughter has been considering wearing a head covering and your
options are the first she has liked. Thank You! **A head covering is the
perfect opportunity to witness to the world. I can't even begin to tell you
how many times I've been asked "Why do you wear that thing on your head?".
Praise God, He has provided me with a way to tell the world about Jesus!!

Rhonda <akbushratt@aol.com>
Tallahassee, FL USA - Monday, January 17, 2000 at 20:49:42 (EST)
Thank-you for the many different styles you offer. I can't wait
till I am able to order one and stop wearing this bandana thing!
BTW, it would be great if you made the prairie type bonnets in adult
sizes, I love to have one.

USA - Monday, January 17, 2000 at 20:48:40 (EST)
This is quite possibly THE most beautiful website I have ever visited. I was
not expecting to find anything at all on headcoverings. Was I pleasantly
surprised! I hope that God blesses you women for your desire to not only
give Him glory but to share with other women who desire to do the same by
covering their own glory.

Kristie Baughman <keand3j@netzero.net>
Riverside, CA USA - Sunday, January 16, 2000 at 18:11:52 (EST)
I think your site is beautiful. Being a Believer in God I also cover my head
as well as my whole body when outside my home. I intend to order some of
your items and am glad to find I no longer have to make them myself.
I am so glad to see other Believers covering. I think covering not only
shows our love, respect and fear of God but also shows how much we respect
ourselves - as a creation of God - to be cared for as such.

Khadijah J. Andrew <Cameluvr@aol.com>
Falls Church, VA USA - Sunday, January 16, 2000 at 18:10:24 (EST)
Very interesting site, I enjoyed looking at all your designs. I am not necassarily in agreement with you, for "we have no such custom". I think it is wonderful that you have made it possible for others to do as they feel led to. I look forward to visiting the sight again. Lynn Koehn
Lynn Koehn <ckoehn_hay@yahoo.com>
Othello, Wa USA - Sunday, October 24, 1999 at 17:40:15 (EDT)
Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour...the Bishop of our souls :) I just had to tell you something about yourwebpage...while I was out of town for a week...two ladies each in different times came to inquired about my daughter's and my coverings. The time was so short...and brief...we couldn't even have a long talk over it...so I told them the verses, and shot down on a piece of paper the SMHC address for both of them have Internet Provider!! Thank God that SMHC is available to answer the questions!! I feel like Peter's brother....Andrew...who brings people to Peter. So, I am bringing curious ladies toSMHC...lol. Glory be to God in all things as we serve Him with reverance....His veiled handmaid, Anna P.S. Just got your catalog in the mail!!! thanks!!
Anna <VeiledOne@hidingplace.com>
Hammond, IN USA - Sunday, October 24, 1999 at 12:54:13 (EDT)
Hello again ladies! I received my coverings a while ago, and as you know I love them! I almost exclusively wear these now. I am eagerly awaiting the new catalog and styles and my fingers are itching to place my next order. Bless you richly for this wonderful ministry.
Christine Wieberdink <cwieberdink@msn.com>
Martinez, GA USA - Friday, October 22, 1999 at 13:47:10 (EDT)
Thank you. We received our order today and are very pleased with them. My husband, especially likes them. My almost teenage daughter really likes them, reminds her of a prairie bonnet. I can tell that they were made with love and alot of time spent. Thanks again
Mary Hefty <7sofar@qisfl.net>
Florida USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:23:01 (EDT)
I can't believe I finally found a source for the type of head covering I have been looking for. Your French Lace mantilla which is new this fall is exactly what I wear now and have been searching for. I have requested a catalog and know of several other ladies at church who will be so
pleased to be able to order these coverings from a reliable source. Thank you so much

Janice <jgmorrison@home.com>
Smyrna, TN USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:21:32 (EDT)
Lord has Blessed us by telling us to wear the Covering. We have been in obedience to 1 Cor 11 since Aug. of 98. It is such a blessing to see Christ working more freely in many different lives.
Ohio <robcc69@yahoo.com>
Westerville, Oh USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:18:44 (EDT)
What a wonderful blessed site!!! So beautifully arrayed in the glory of God!! Thank you so much for doing this ministry otherwise I would have been devastated! My daughter (7) and I started wearing covering a little over 4 years ago purely out of conviction to obey His word :) I made our coverings and my dear Lord have guided mine hands to be able to sew. However, when I saw your catalogs...I just HAD to order some!!! It's so beautiful!! I can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox!! Oh may you continue to do this wonderful ministry. Note for others: if you feel lonely...You're not alone :) For I am lonely here too. We stuck out like a sore thumb in this neighborhood but we surely have been witnesses to many!! And since we wore the coverings, we have brought 4 women under the veilings and a couple who are currently struggling and battling but they know the truth :) May God be glorified in all things!! For He knows that I once have dealt with the battle. But God is the Victory, and with Him, I was overjoyed for losing!!!! I will continue to check in from time to time to seek any more blessed testimonies. besides God's Word, they are so enriching to my soul!! His veiled handmaid, Anna

Anna <VeiledOne@hidingplace.com>
Indiana USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:17:33 (EDT)
Dear Cori,
I just started wearing a covering to church services this past July. It was after years of saying that our covering was our hair. One day a friend ask me again about the covering. So sometime after that I reread the Scriptures and both my husband I saw that it was talking about a covering other than my hair. So from that time on I have been wearing a covering to church services. I am willing to wear one all the time, but my husband says it is only for church services. My prayer is that if God wants me to wear one all the time that He will change my husband's mind.

Lead me in Your truth, and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; for You I wait all day long. Psalm 25:5

Bev <buffytc@reborn.com>
Rheems, PA USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:12:24 (EDT)
I like this site. I wanted to email and share my testimony on my wearing a covering but was unable to. Please email me. I would also like to hear from others who are wearing coverings. I am the only one in my church doing so. I feel alone at times.
PA <buffytc@reborn.com>
Rheems, PA USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:10:47 (EDT)
NJ <tavaretr@umdnj.edu>
New Jersey USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:09:49 (EDT)
Looking forward to receiving your catalog and see your beautiful veils
Peg Winkelmann <lydia@arkansas.net>
Fayetteville, AR USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 21:08:37 (EDT)
Loved the peacefulness of the pages...looking forward to reading the testimonies
Carole <cas60@ddis.com.au>
Toowoomba, Qld Australia - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:58:38 (EDT)
Hello, sisters in Christ!
I just wanted to give you my web site address, where you will find my testimony on head-covering. I have met so many like-minded sisters through your site, and I thank you very much for offering it. God bless you and your ministry!
Love, Jill Millsap

Jill Millsap <jerry_jillMillsap@email.msn.com>
Denver, CO USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:54:30 (EDT)
Hello! I ordered two coverings a little while ago, I am really looking forward to receiving them. I will continue to come back now and then and see what's new here! See mywebpage!
Chris <cwieberdink@msn.com>
Augusta, GA USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:51:46 (EDT)
Enjoyed browsing your web site!
lznz <lznz@juno.com>
Irwin, OH USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:50:01 (EDT)
All of you girls are a blessing to your parents and to the Lord. Cori, the website is awesome.
Jeni Lowry <Sailkitty@yahoo.com>
Pensacola, FL USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:48:36 (EDT)
What a blessing to find this sight on the internet! God uses you all to encourage me and give me boldness and strength to carry on with this conviction, even though I'm alone in wearing the veiling in my church. I've received your catalog, and have asked for a couple things from it for my 30th birthday... coming up in August. God bless you and your ministry!
Millsap <jerry_jillMillsap@email.msn.com>
Thornton, CO USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:45:43 (EDT)
I just started wearing a covering two days ago! What a joy to be in sweet surrender...after I've resisted the Lord in this area for 28 years! The Lord pulled at my heart as I read archives from Jonathan Lindvall's newsletter. As I was praying,I couldn't resist the Lord any longer, and went to put a bow in my hair (it was all i could find at the time) and went back to praying. I'm enjoying your website (which Mr. Lindvall mentioned), and am getting some ideas...for now I went shopping this AM and purchased a few scarves. The Lord blessed...even with bringing some women in headcoverings across my path today.
Netta <Godfearn@aol.com>
Augusta, GA USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:41:01 (EDT)
I have had in my Favorites a web site listing other web sites on the covering. Today, I opened the one sponsored by the girls. Even before I got to the end, I knew it was you and your precious family. All I could say was, Look what the Lord hath wrought!
Ron McIntyre <rcmc@ocsonline.com>
GA USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:39:41 (EDT)
Love your catalog. Just got it.
Lydia <lydia@arkansas.net>
Fayetteville, AR USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:38:37 (EDT)
Thanks for visiting our site.
~Webmaster Jim

Jim Sturges <webmaster@headcoverings.com>
Pensacola, FL USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:30:44 (EDT)


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