Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out for service on account of
those who shall inherit salvation? - Heb 1:14

I read once that through the Bible, there are various places where the people were asked by God to use signs or symbols to represent many things. In one time in particular, when the Israelites were still slaves in Egypt, the Israelites followed God's command to paint the doorposts with blood, so that the angels would pass over the homes of God's chosen people, and the lives of their first born sons would be saved (This is just a quick summary in a nutshell). The angels passed over all the houses with the lamb's blood. Notice that God didn't give the angels any special divining power to see which houses held His people and which didn't. They followed the signs. If one of the households had left the blood off the door post, would they have received protection from the killings of the first born sons? I doubt it, because we see the results of throughout the Bible of the Israelites disobeying God, and having to pay the price over and over again.

This book that I read seems to think that perhaps when the angels see the covering, it is a sign to them that we are one of God's chosen people, and they are to give us extra protection for our obedience.

It's an interesting concept and sort of brings another twist to the whole thing.


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