Dear Jones Sisters,

Thank you for the wide variety of head veiling styles. I look forward to receiving my order.

My story of being led to the conviciton of head coverings begins at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sucoth) in 1997. I met a lady that put a covering on when she spoke in front of the assembly (a comment only). I know others who wore covering, but she impressed me as I got to know her with her eagerness to study the Word and obey. I had grown up being taught that 1 Corintians 11 only referred to length of hair. Looking back, verses, 1-13 were never explained . . . the minister always jumped to verses 14 and 15. After the feast and during the following year, I read 1 Corinthians 11 MANY times but without understanding. A few weeks before the feast of tabernacles 1998 I read it again and this time, I was given understanding. I studied it for about a week and was convicted that it was the right thing to do. I also studied Old Testament references. My husband had asked if my face neede to be veiled also, and we determined "no" because Tamar was thought to be a harlot because her face was covered (Genesis 38:11-15). We also decided that the covering should be more than a ribbon or a small cap but covering most of the hair as nature itself was teaching (1 Corinthians 11:14-15). I did have concerns about how my extended family would receive it as my father had strongly objected to my sister when she asked what he thought about veilings. I also prayed that I not be self conscious about wearing a covering. The Sabbath (Shabat) before the Feast of Tabernacles I wore a covering for the first time. Later in the day when we were home, I took it off. When my two year old son woke up from his nap the first words out of his mouth were, "Mommy, put your headcovering back on." I immediately did and have worn it during the day at home and in public since. I feel that Ha Shem (God the Father) was telling me through my son that I needed to continue in the direction I had started in.

My concerns about family have basically come to nought although I know they can't understand why I do it. My sister is now also wearing a veiling and looking VERY BEAUTIFUL. I have found that most people I know give it a second look and then ignore it. A few have asked questions .. . Maybe a year later they will understand also. :)

Keely A. Salisbury

My Reasons for Covering

Welcome! You had asked for our understandings of the covering...why we cover. Another sister ... had asked me that by private email, and so I have copied and pasted my response to her here to answer your request also. I hope that it comes out how I mean it...I judge NO ONE. This is MY walk with the Lord, and I mean no judgement WHATSOEVER by my posting, 'k all? I love you all SO MUCH! This is just *my* take on 1 Cor 11.

I wear a covering because I cannot for the life of me find a way to interpret 1 Cor 11 as meaning anything BUT a piece of cloth OVER the hair (believe me, I TRIED! *wink*), and I believe that the Bible is true, and I want to obey.

Now, all that said, here are some of my "takes" on 1 Cor 11. For me, at this point in my walk with Christ (meaning I realize this could change if He were to open my eyes to something I'm missing here), the *most* important part of the covering is the symbolism of it. We are to cover when we prophesy and pray, according to 1 Cor, but the women of Bible times covered all the time. When Paul wrote that it would be wrong for a woman to pray and prophesy uncovered, I don't think he was insuating that a woman could be uncovered at other times...*I* think that he was making a comment
on the covering as a whole, all the time, as was the custom of that day, and he was using prophecy and prayer as the ultimate no-no if she was uncovered. Again, *my* judgement here toward others at all. It would be kinda like a pastor from a very conservative church--those who preach dresses all the time, for instance--speaking on the subject of women in his church wearing shorts and a halter top on a regular basis (the uncovered head of a woman in Bible times was shameful--shocking, even), saying "Is it right for a woman to pray and speak of God in this attire??!" I think Paul is saying how can a woman of God go without a covering??

Also, the fact that it is later in the chapter that he addresses the gathering of the saints...I just absolutely understand Paul's instruction regarding the headcovering as for all the time. Like I say, that doesn't mean that I look at others who don't and gasp in disbelief and dismay...that is THIER walk, this is mine. I have great big logs in my eyes...I don't attempt to remove splinters from anyone else's.

As for the symbolism behind the headcovering, this is the part that my heart emphasizes to me. Not just that I'm covered when I pray, but that I am under my husband's headship all the time...I do not wear a covering to bed, and in fact, I often take it off and let down my hair for the late evening hours here at home. I do this because my husband does not have the same understanding that I do on the issue, and it is my hope that this blesses him some.

At one point I took off my covering altogether for nine days. I thought, if this is a symbol of my submission to my husband and he doesn't even think I need to wear it, what am I doing with it on?? But I was absolutely miserable. My husband had given me permission to wear it, but I knew in my heart it was not his choice. I was confused and uncomfortable and just not at peace at all. As I prayed on that tenth day, I heard the Lord say to me, "We've already covered the head covering...let's move on to other
things." He was saying, "Look, you've gotten Chris's permission, he's come to the point where he really doesn't even notice it anymore, now let this go, because I have some other issues we need to deal with in your life!" I put a covering on that morning and have ever since.

I became convicted of the covering a couple of years ago. Since Chris did not agree, I let it go. I eventually began wearing one just during my own quiet times (with his permission). Finally, I presented to him my "evidence" (Bible verses, teaching, a personal revelation that the Lord had given me from Genesis --when Rebekah veiled her head because she was about to meet the man she was submitting to...and she wasn't in Church at the time or even praying!), and he grudgingly gave his permission.

I have to say, OF COURSE it would be easier if my husband agreed. It would LOTS easier if we went to a church that believed and taught this way too. But the Lord has, for whatever reason (it's not really any of my business why...after all, He's GOD, ya know?), directed me to move in areas of obedience that the people I love and fellowship with, both family and friends, do not have the same understanding of. Doesn't mean their wrong and I'm right, (I am aren't I? *just kidding*), but that here I am in my
walk, and there they are in theirs. I know for a fact that my pastor spends a LOT more time in the Word and prayer than I do. He's got a great walk with the Lord, and he doesn't have his family follow the principles I follow. I cannot look to man...we are told that to compare ourselves among ourselves is foolishness. We can ONLY use the standard of the Word as our guide, and allow the HolySpirit to lead us accordingly.

For now, as of November 12, 1999, (who knows what new thing He may show me
tomorrow on this) the Lord is leading Bethann Mathews to cover during daytime hours, to wear a covering that does not look like I took it off the end table and popped it on my head (husband's one request), and to just live this out quietly in front of my family and friends. And it BETTER make a difference...that is, I BETTER be a better person, wife, mother, servant because of it, 'cause if I'm not, I have no testimony, and I wear
this in vain...I hope it makes I hope it is cohesive enough to make sense. . . .You know, ... I really needed this question this morning. It has served to help me examine the reason myself, and to solidify that, hey, I DID hear from God on this WASN'T the voice of the devil like some have said in the past to me (past pastors)...and I need to just sweetly obey my Daddy. God said so, that needs to be enough for me.

God bless!


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