Hair naturally grows approximately 6 inches per year or about 1/2" per month. Ladies often ask us how long should they should let their hair grow?  Good hair style must be perfectly proportioned to your body and that the decision that is made about its length should be based on the texture of the hair itself, the growth rate of the hair, and the shape of that head and body, never on the face (which is commonly taught). There are basically seven lengths: 

  • 1) Flip length, just above the shoulders;
  • 2) Bra length, which speaks for itself;
  • 3) Waist length; 
  • 4) Classic length, bottom length; 
  • 5) Knee length;  
  • 6) Calf length
  • 7) Floor length

  Because of hair growth rate, hormone levels, and see-saw diets, few of us will attain any but the first three.   Let your hair decide how long to get; it will stop growing once it has reached its maximum length. For most women, some 90%, this is classic length. Let it grow to full length at least once in your lifetime.   Many ladies enjoy growing their hair out to its maximum length at least once in their lives and then  cut it back to classic length for that classic feminine look which is easier to care for and looks great it every situation at all times.

All growing hair splits because the inside of each hair, called the cortex, loses moisture and the hair begins to unravel rather like a rope. The only cure for split ends is to have them cut off, or the split will travel up the hair and make the damage worse. Not only do split ends look unsightly, but  where the hair splits the natural color looks lighter and dead.   Many ladies with long hair are terrified of going to the hairdressers to have the split ends trimmed off because they believe  that they'll actually lose a lot more hair than they bargained (and rightly so!).   Researchers have discovered that occasional 1/2" trims stimulate hair growth at the roots causing steadier hair growth. Those who wish to trim their hair need to make sure they use sharp hair trimming scissors since trimming the hair with dull scissors will cause more split ends to occur.  Semi-regular trims are essential for great-looking hair. Medium length hair 8 weeks and long hair needs to be trimmed every 10 weeks.   Another way to eliminate split ends is to "cut them out" rather than even trims.  It helps to get a friend or family member  to help you try this at home.
1. Take a small strand of hair, about half an inch in diameter. The hair should be dry.
2. Twist the strand gently until the damaged ends appear. These may be apparent along the whole length of the strand.
3. Holding a pair of sharp scissors perpendicular to the strand, snip off the split ends and damaged parts, using only the tips of the scissors.
4. Continue to move down the strand in small sections, following this method. You are not trimming length, merely split ends.
5. Go all round the head in this way. It will take between 10 and 45 minutes. Cut off only the damaged ends, nothing else.


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