I first heard of the covering a year ago. I had lived near the Mennonites at one time, but never really thought much about it. Well, my friend Tam.. who still lives in MD near the Mennonites told me about it one day when I went to visit. She was already wearing hers. She simply handed me the Bible turned to 1 Corth. and as me to read. Well when I read it I couldn't believe it!!!

I had grown up in church all of my life and had never seen it. (I didn't read the Bible much then). She asked me what I thought it meant.. it seems simple to me.. "we need to cover our heads" I said. When? she asked.. " Well it says when we pray .. and we are to pray without ceasing.. so that means all the time .. right?"

Thus began my journey to start wearing coverings, dress, and to learn everything that I needed to do to obey God. Of course.. don't let this fool you. It took me awhile to actually put one on my head! I would say things like "well.. he doesn't really mean it.. it must mean something else.." No one else wears one! I'll look weird, Lord. I don't want to look weird! and a million other reasons. but God never gave up. I started seeing ladies in covering everywhere I went and it really convicted me. I finally gave in and started wearing one and have been at peace ever since.

Of course I have had a lot of strange looks and my sil and brother have done everything you can thing of to change my mind.. they did at one time.. but it didn't last long.
Sorry to ramble on :)

Because of
First Corinthians 11

The Story of Why I Cover My Head

I was not raised in a church that covered, although there were a few ladies that wore hats to EVERY service. Hmmmm. LOL. Until I started covering, I never thought anything of it.

You can read my testimony of how I came to covering on my website, through my "marriage" page. The url is in my signature. Basically, a woman on a homeschooling group mentioned she covered her head. I wrote and asked her what that was all about. She just said, "Because of 1 Corinthians 11". So I started reading and studying it. It was another six months before I started covering, and several more months before I started covering all the time.

I started with long rectangular scarves that I tied like wide headbands in my hair. Then I bought some square scarves that I folded into a triangle and tied behind my neck. I really want the covering to LOOK like a covering, although that is certainly NOT a scriptural requirement and some ladies feel the opposite. I was DELIGHTED to find She Maketh Herself Coverings (www.headcoverings.com) because they have a very comprehensive catalog with many different styles. I ordered two and now wear those almost exclusively.

I was terrified what my friends and family would say. In fact, I didn't start covering all the time until we had moved 1,000 miles from my family LOL! But, they were still going to come and visit. Finally I just wore my veil and that's when my mom asked me about it. She said, "Do you know how deep you're getting into all this?" My answer: "What? Christianity? This is a BAD thing???" LOL. We talked about it a little bit. She was mainly concerned that I was going to say she should be wearing it and came up with all these excuses why she couldn't. Finally she dropped it and that was the end of it. When my mom, dad and brother were here for labor day, they mocked my covering style initially ("Next you're going to be driving a horse and buggy") But when they saw the hurt in my eyes, they didn't say anything else, to their credit. My brother and dad are not usually ones to let something like that drop.

Only one of my friends said anything. She was bordering on hostile and insisting that covering was cultural. Not based on any study, just on her reading of the passage and her not feeling convicted about it. Again, her main concern was that SHE would have to change. Not one person from church has said anything. I get questions sometimes from people in the store or
whatever, but they are sincere and curious. I answer their questions in a polite and loving manner. I have found, much to my sadness, that it is not unbelievers that are threatened or hostile about the covering, it is
Christian sisters. I am wondering if, as one dear sister on this list said, they know that if they cover, other changes will follow and they don't want to make those changes either.

Now, I don't even think about what others think. I've been covering all the time for 9 months. It gets easier every day. I was finally bold enough to put information on covering on my website! :-) but I still haven't been bold enough to put it in the descriptions of my site....... Just be assured, dear sister, God will Lead. You only need follow. It may seem like the hard part, but really it's the easy part. We just need to let go and follow.


Wife to Craig (since Dec 22, '89), Mommy to Matthew (Jul 1, '91), Andrew (Feb 28, '93),
Elisabeth (Jun 3, '95) and Christiana (born at home Feb 23, '98).

Here is my personal testimony about headcovering.  When I started to write it, however, I realized that only the headcovering information didn't make sense in the context of the rest of my life, so it really ended up being more of a testimony of my walk with Jesus over the last several years.  I hope you are blessed by it.

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How I Came
To Veil My Head

Dear Sisters at "She Maketh Herself Coverings,"

Your catalog has been such a blessing to me. Thank you for your ministry. I would love to share my testimony on how I came to veil my head.

I have been covering my head about one month now. About two years ago God started dealing with me from the 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 passage. I started wearing stylish hats to church and prayer meeting. I thought the covering was only for corporate worship.

One sister at church who does not believe in the veiling of the head gave me some literature against it. In the literature it stated that the long hair was our covering otherwise we'd have to cover all the time, even at night! (Horrors!) This being because we should pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Well, I tried that for one day and cried and said, "I can't do this, I'll look like a geek!" So I decided that my hair was my covering.

Praise the Lord! He would not let me go! He kept it very heavy on my heart. I went to my husband and asked him to tell me which was I should go. He, as I, is convicted that I should veil my head. 1 Corinthians 11:6 is the verse that we cannot dismiss.

I am the only sister in our church at this time who covers her head. Sometimes I feel very uncomfortable. It was a great joy to read your advertisement because it encouraged me that I am NOT ALONE. Now all I need is some more pleasant coverings. I made one on my own and I must admit it is unpracticle as well as ugly. I hope that my testimony helps someone.

God Bless,
Mrs. Kristi Cassaro


In fact, we as women in the contemporary Christian community get so
caught up on whether we're supposed to cover or not to cover that we
completely lose track of Paul's REAL point:  that a man is NO LONGER
supposed to cover his head because he is the glory of Christ.  This is a
most profound statement!!!  He's reiterating that the Temple Veil was
torn in two and that we no longer need the sacrificial system of worship
to draw near to God.  Man is freed through the power of Christ, and men
as a result no longer have to veil themselves in order for their prayers
to be heard.  If you study the passage well, it was written more for the
men than the women.  The shame is that most post-modern Christian men
really have no idea what Paul was teaching to the First Century
Christians/Jews about REMOVING the prayer shawl from their heads.  The
non-believing Jews, of course, found this to be disgraceful and
bordering on defilement of the Temple itself.  And even in today's
Messianic Jewish circles they still promote covering of the head for the
male--which to me indicates a complete failure of men to study the
passage in its male context as it was originally intended.    The
feminist agenda has succeeded in making this passage a woman's issue
(i.e. cultural).  Quite simply though, Paul is really only reiterating
the woman's veiling as a contrast for why the male no longer needs to
cover himself.  Paul is very good at using such contrasts throughout his
messages to the Church.  The problem today, however, is that many
Christian women also feel that the veil can come off for them as well
because they don't understand the veiling implications as they apply to
the man.  Just some nuggets to chew on...

Vickie Bacon

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