Greetings to you all in the name of our precious Lord Jesus!  I want to share with you how much I appreciate your ministry (for that is surely what it is!) and the amazing things the One True God has been doing in my life since I decided to yield fully to Him - including donning a veil.

I am a 30 year old wife and mother of two beautiful and precious daughters.  I grew up in a Pentecostal home, and have considered myself a Christian for many years; indeed, as I write this, my husband is attending a highly respected Bible College in Alberta, Canada.

At the end of March of this year, I had decided to start a Christian women's magazine on the Net.  My husband suggested I check out some of the others already up and running for ideas.  Along the way I ran into Sister Lavenia's page called "The Christian Lady's Page".  I was intrigued to see so many articles on headcovering, since I thought it was only Amish and strict Mennonites who wore them; and them only because they were forced to by tradition.  Years ago I had discussed the passage in Corinthians with my own dear Mother, who informed me that my covering was first my Father and then my husband.  I had given no thought to it since.

Well, after reading the testimonies on the Christian Lady's Page as well as those on SMHC, I felt thoroughly convicted.  Not willing to just jump in and do something which would make me look so "foolish" to everyone else, I decided to do more research.  Besides searching Scripture, I read what the Church Fathers had to say, as well as several Bible Commentaries (this is a great thing about living on a Bible College campus!!!) and some further excellent sites on the Net. After a great deal of prayer, I knew what God was telling me to do.

I discussed it with my husband, who said he had never thought about it, but figured I should follow my conscience and do as God dictates.  So began the first of many reformations in my character!  I could hardly cover my head and wear jewelry and make-up: out went the jewelry and make-up.  But how about wearing pants? Could I cover my head and wear pants?  I love pants! Again, after consulting Scripture, I felt that pants would not be acceptable attire for me any longer.  Thankfully, my husband was going to the city the next weekend, so I was able to go to a thrift store and leave all my pants and shorts there as well as pick out some more modest dresses.

My husband said very little, but he was watching to see if the changes were more than surface.  Imagine my delight when he commented on how different I now seem to be!  He could not believe that I actually appear now to ENJOY homemaking, approaching my duties with joy rather than grumbling.  And what happened to my nagging and controlling ways?  It seems that he is suddenly free to be the leader in our family, with me no longer fighting him every inch of the way.  We are experiencing a tenderness toward each other which I thought ended with our honeymoon.  We are finally both secure in our God-given roles as husband and wife.

There have been many more changes since I purposed in my heart to submit fully to God.  I am in prayer much more often than ever before, since my veil serves as a constant reminder to do so.  And for the first time I seem to have some measure of control over my temper. How would it be for me to yell at the kids or make disparaging remarks to my beloved while wearing an outward sign of submission on my head?! I enjoy wearing my covering, feeling rather exposed without it! 
For the first time in my life I have been able to fast, something I had longed to do before but was so controlled by my vanity that I didn't dare try.  I always thought, "Great! I can get closer to God and lose weight, too!".  I knew my motives were impure and didn't want to insult God by fasting with a divided heart.  But covering my head, wearing modest clothing, and ditching my make-up has dealt an effective blow to my vanity, praise His holy name!

It is as though now, for the first time in my life, I am truly free from the chains in which our culture had me bound (a slave to the tyranny of Hollywood and fashion!), and I am now seeing clearly what really pleases the Lord.

If you are considering whether or not our Father wants you, too, to be obedient in this area of your life (ie. covering), I strongly encourage and beseech you to do so!  The rewards are incredibly rich!  I speak as one who had never before given such matters any thought, comfortable in my own little sphere of "Christian life".  But there is so much more!!! And God wants to give it to you.

God bless you as you endeavor to know Him in fullness of spirit and truth.

The Lord's veiled handmaid,
Janice Schmidtz, Canada
ps: GO FOR IT!!!


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